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erm yeah chapter 10

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It was her. She ran away when she came in to see Georgia, and she ran when i shouted at her. How could i have done that? I need to ask Dan what her name is, i cant sit here forever knowing ive broken their once brilliant friendship. I walked outside with my head down so no one would see how fragile and malnourished i was. I stood outside with the fresh wind hittig my face with my phone coming out of my pocket. I unlocked it and looked at Dans name, figuring out how i could say this. "Dan have you left the flat?" i hear a voice behind me. "of course not. I wouldnt leave that place for the world. Its been three years since youve seen the place, i didnt want lion stealing all the food and the mice eating all the malteesers that are in the cupboard i cant get into. So please Phil, come home." it would be an understatement to say i jumped out of my skin. How long has he been waiting there? Why is he even here? I didnt really need to ask that question because in the corner of my eye i see a figure walking closer and closer towards us. It was her. Louise, Georgias friend i took a rant out on. "How is she doing?" i knew i couldnt face her, i couldnt face her, so, i gestured her and Dan inside, into the lift and along the corridor to her room. I look at Georgia and shes sat on her phone. She looks up at me and gives me a look of desperation. i sat beside her and grabbed her hand.


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