S I X - The Four Bullet Wounds

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"A chicken."

"A chicken!" Josslyn tosses her hands in the air. "I was a chicken during my third reincarnation?" She lowers her voice when she notices the gawkers beside her.

Edwin chuckles. "Yep, but not just any chicken. You were one of those lucky chickens that took to the sea in Christopher Jone's Mayflower."

Josslyn's eyes widen in astonishment. "I was on a ship with the Pilgrims?" She yells into the bluetooth. A massive crowd gawks in response to her odd statement.

"You got it, baby, you made history."

"Oh my God. Then what happened?" She yells at the empty seat across from her.

"Then they ate you. You're a chicken, remember?"

"What! Why didn't you save me?"

"Well, I can't make love to a chicken, can I? I was invisible anyway. I couldn't rescue you no matter how hard you begged - or clucked. You were a feisty little plucker though, took the skin right off of old Mrs. Pudgy Face Winslow's thumb. She grabbed your neck, pinned you down to a tree stump, took an ax and went 'Wham'!" Josslyn gasps and grabs at her throat.

"Hey," Edwin chuckles at her reaction. "I didn't enjoy watching it just as much as you didn't enjoy experiencing it."

"How horrifying." Josslyn struggles to breathe. "To think I was a human, then a lizard, then chicken broth for the pilgrims, then a... please tell me I was one of King Charles's cavaliers in my fourth lifetime."

Edwin shakes his head.

"Tell me! What was I during my fourth lifetime?" She urges him on.

"Nope, not going to tell you yet." Edwin chuckles. "I gotta have a reason to keep you half interested in me, honey."

"I'd be even more interested if you tell - hey!" Josslyn shoots to her feet. "There's someone sitting there!"

The rude man who had just stollen Edwin's seat slowly lowers his newspaper. She gasps at the familiarity of those blue orbs. "Wyatt!"

"Well, it seems I finally got your attention - and everyones else's."

Josslyn glances around the cozy rustic cafe. All the patrons were stupefied by her. She'd been sitting here for nearly thirty minutes and the chair in front of her has yet to be claimed by anyone.

"Sorry." She mumbles sheepishly and cowards back into the wooden chair.

"Seems like I took someone's seat. Who's?" Wyatt's tone spikes with amusement.

Josslyn shakes her head excessively. "No one."

He raises an eyebrow. "You sure?" He mocks her.

She felt a tinge of anger. She's not obligated to tell him anything. "Haven't you heard of common courtesy? Ask before you sit."

"Oh, you too have heard of common courtesy? Use it. I've called your name four times in a row."

"Oh," she's taken back. "Sorry. I guess, I was deep in conversation."

"With who?"

Josslyn grunts. This guy is so rude! "That's none of your business."

Wyatt ignores her. "Must be that invisible man of yours. In fact, if you weren't on your blue tooth, I would have thought you were talking to someone sitting directly across from you. It appeared like it - you going off on one of your crazy rants again, talking to air and what not."

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