Chapter 30

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*Jiya Pov*

"Five months two weeks." I continued to chant staring at his back.

"Why are you saying that repeatedly?" He asked turning around.

"Look at what you are doing." I replied scolding him, and he turned chuckling.

"This is not driving a car, Jiya. This is just cooking." He said.

"And in cooking the whole kitchen can be burned." I said, rolling my eyes and continued to chant the time left for him to leave.

He is really making me mad every second being the thoughtful guy which I never saw even while dating him or even after marrying him.

He always used to say 'Don't cry at the silliest things.' But now all he has to say is 'Cry Jiya'. I shook my head, frowning and scolded the day.

Why it should be Saturday and not some other day? He suddenly decided to cook for us, and I am waiting for him to complete so that I can cook my food.

I am hungry! I shouted inside, but outside I said, "I am going out."

"Where?" he asked, completely walking away from the stove.

"I have some work." I replied, getting up from the chair.

"Well, eat and leave." He said and in a few minutes, he put something in front of me.

"What is it?" I asked him looking at the green water.

"Palak paneer." He replied grinning.

I glanced around and saw that there is nothing except this. I frowned and asked, "Where are roti's?"

"You do half things and I will do half things. That's what a marriage is right." He replied.

"But that's not what you said while I did everything... for you." I mumbled in the end.

"And that is my mistake, but now we are not going to make that mistake." He said nodding at me.

"I just need to fix this water into curry. In the meantime, mix the flour." I said, taking the curry or water or whatever inside.

After fixing the curry, I turned to see him holding flour in one hand and holding a water glass in another. He pours a handful of flour in one bowl and then a little water.

And that's what he has done all this time. I took that away and mixed the flour properly.

"Now, do some rounds." I said and then added, "You do know what is round right?"

"Of course." He replied and looked at me like I insulted him.

He did and then I asked him to do the roti which he did. I don't care whether they are round or not because we eat them cutting it into pieces right.

Finally, I had my brunch. I was hungry from the morning, but because of him, I couldn't eat anything.

"I was good right?" he asked eating, and I gave him a look seeing which he sat calmly.

"You really intimidate everyone, Jiya. You need to stop that." He added.

"How shall I do that?" I asked him ignoring his comment.

"Cry Jiya." He replied.

I glared at him and didn't utter even a single word. After that I walked inside the washroom with only one thing in my mind.

However, he wrote the word even on the new ones. God! I didn't do it for the past two weeks.

How dare he to come here and tell me what to do and what not to do? He did everything, until now, like he wished with my life but not now.

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