Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 :

                I’ve been running for days. I didn’t stop unless it’s necessary. I don’t want to risk a chance for them to find me if they really did looking for me. Even the possibilities is slim, I won’t risk that. Not that they cared about me, anyway. Even if I’m dead, there’s no one who would care for me. Well... Maybe except Damion. He’s different.

                Thinking about him right now make me missed him so badly. But other than him, I also missed my mate. I miss Connor.

                I know it’s stupid, but I can’t help it. My wolf is calling for him and she’s still broken from the rejection of her mate. Also, it hurt her more because the fact that we’re running away from him and that Connor has replaced us with Rebecca. But because this stupid mate bond between us make it impossible for me to forget about him.

                I put my bag under a pine tree, I’m feel exhausted and sick. There’s a burning sensation in my stomach and my body felt really hot. To cool down a little bit, I made my way to the river near where I stay. Before I could make it there, I heard a voice of a broken bone. It’s my bone actually.

                The first voice followed by the others and I fall down and scream in agony. It hurt like hell! The first shift is always painful, but it would be worst if your mate doesn’t there to help you. And in my case, I’m all alone.

                Not many she-wolf could survived the first shift without their mate. When I heard another of my bone has broken, the pain is unbearable and I’m started to think if I would die this way. Am I going to die because my mate couldn’t be here for my first shift?

                Another wave of pain making me stop thinking and make me scream and opened my eyes. There, in front of me were five hot boys standing in all their glory. They were all gorgeous but the boy in the middle stand out even more.

                His black hair and blue eyes watch me with concern and curiosities. “Shit! I think this is her first shift!” I heard the boy with dirty blond hair said.

            “No shit sherlock,” the brown haired answer. They looked at each other but finally focused their eye sight to the boy in the middle. “What should we do, alpha?” the other blond haired boy asked.

             “I’m going to help her through her first shift,” the middle boy said, well I guess it’s mean he’s the alpha of the pack.

             “What?! But it means you’ll have a bond with her! Are you sure about that?”

          “I don’t know! But what am I supposed to do? Stand here and watch her die?!” the alpha yelled. Everyone silent and the only thing I could hear is my own screaming. The alpha looked at the boys and started to make his way to me.

          When he directly right next to me, he dropped on his knee. I looked at him in the eyes, “It hurts,” I hissed. He stroke my blond hair gently and whisper, ”Look sweetheart, I’m going to help you through this”

             Another bone in my body broke painfully and I scream for once again. “Listen to me,” he said, “You have to tell your wolf to let it all out. Let her took full control over your body. Imagine yourself as a wolf.”

                  I nodded my head and speak to my wolf. Take over my body, please, I said.

                  I want my mate, she said.

                “She wanted her mate,” I told the boy. He looked at me in the eyes, ”You have me. I’m going to help you through this. Everything is going to be fine, I promised,” he said not only to me, but also to my wolf.

             Not having another choice, my wolf let the boy to help us. She knew if she doesn’t allow it, both of us won’t survive this. We will both die. And that’s the last thing we want now.

           I nodded at the boy, ”She’s ready,” I told him. Then, I did things that the boy had told me earlier.

           With the last wave of pain (which is the most painful), I screamed and closed my eyes. I stayed limp and didn’t move at all. I don’t even have energy to do so. The boy scooped me in his arm and asked me if I’m okay.

              I nodded my head and stayed in his arm for awhile. After gaining a little energy, I opened my eyes and everything is more beautiful than before. My sight and ears were much more sharp than before, when I was in my human form.

              I looked at my hands but I found paws instead. I raised my head and found a amazing pair of blue eyes. I looked at them and somehow, my wolf feel safe in this boy’s arms.

                I don’t know how to explain this. But there’s a connection between us.

            He stroked my fur and I purr to him. He laugh and pat my head for the last time before turn his head, looking at the other four boys who have watch us all the time. I even forget about them!

“Rick! Throw over my shirt,” the alpha said.

              The boy with brown hair walked behind a tree and show up with a shirt in his hand. The boy throw it to the alpha, which he caught gracefully. “Go behind the tree and change,” he said while handed me his shirt. I took the shirt that he had with my mouth and go to change behind the tree.

              I’m about to shift back when I realize that I didn’t even know how to. So I go back and let out a bark. It’s not loud, but enough for them to hear.

             They look at me and laugh. “You don’t know how to shift back don’t you?” one of them asked. I just nodded my head since I couldn’t talk in my wolf form. The boy chuckled for once again before answered my question even though it’s technically not a question, ”Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in your human form,” he said.

           I go back to the tree and did as what I’ve been told. I imagine my blond long hair and blue eyes, my face and skinny body. When I open my eyes, I’m no longer covered in fur but naked as a baby.

            I quickly put on the shirt I’ve been given. Thank God the shirt had been big and long enough to cover my ass. It would be so embarrassing walking in the forest butt naked and surrounded by five gorgeous hot male werewolves. It just doesn’t sound right.

            I let out a shaky breath and left the tree, while my eyes on the ground. I collect my courage and looked up. Five pair of eye looked over me with curious in them.

“Um... hi,” I said but no one answer it. Well... This is awkward.

            The boy with red hair cleared his throat, “Hey I’m Rick. That two blonde are twins, Mark and Merle,” pointing at the two boy with blond hair and green eyes. They waved at me, which I returned.”That browned hair guy is Dylan, he’s the beta of the pack and the one who helped you before is Jake. He’s our alpha,” Rick explained, introducing all of them.

“Well... It’s nice to meeting you guys,” I said.

           Jake, the alpha smiling at me and hold out his hand, ”It’s nice to meet you too. So, what’s your name?” he asked.

            I stop for a moment before return his smile and shake his hand. I opened my mouth and said my name.

              “My name is Annabelle.”

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