A Fairy's Wish

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The girls made it back to Madame LeBleu's with just enough time to find seats together for Ethics class

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The girls made it back to Madame LeBleu's with just enough time to find seats together for Ethics class. Professor Evelyn Nutt was not a patient woman and in their first year, the Gits had quickly learned to show up for her class early. She was already writing on the chalkboard when the starting bell rang. Zelda quickly pulled out a notebook as Professor Nutt turned to reveal what she had written on the board.

    The Standards of a Fairy Godmother, the board read, followed by the numbers one through five, all in a column for them to fill in.

    "Just a quick review to start off the semester," Professor Nutt said, pulling out the class list from a drawer in her desk. Zelda hoped she would be called. They had reviewed these standards and discussed them in depth each year. "Iris Pickett," Professor Nutt called out randomly from the list. "Please list the first standard."

    The mousy haired girl shuffled to the front and began writing. Zelda was called up third and Ava last. After Ava finished writing, and bounded back to her seat, the five standards were written on the board in elegant scripts, with the exception of Zelda's. Try as she might, her penmanship had never reached  the level of the other girls. Thoughts often flew through her head so quickly, she had to write fast to get them all down, and thus compromised style.

    "Read the first please, Miss Pickett."

    Iris cleared her throat. "A godmother must be selfless and put her godchildren before herself."

    "Very good," Professor Nutt said, making a mark in the ledger that sat on her desk. "And the next."

    "A godmother must be conscious of the greater good and only grant wishes that will not harm it," Zelda heard Naomi Chen recite from a row behind her.

    "Perfect," Professor Nutt remarked. "And Miss Ravensdale?"

    "A godmother must be kind and respectful, treating each wish as if it were her own."

    "Well done." Another mark in the ledger.

    A smile flicked across Zelda's lips even though every girl in the room knew the answers. Each class was another chance to prove her merit for First Fairy and she was glad to already have a mark in her favor in Professor Nutt's book.

    "A godmother must have her wand ready at all times," another student recited.

    "A godmother must not use her magic for unnatural personal gain," Ava said, finishing out the list.

    "I'm sure none of this is news to you fine, young ladies," Professor Nutt said, rising from her desk to write something new on the board. "These standards will be a major criteria in the selection of this class's First Fairy and the rank in which you will choose from the available placements. Throughout the year you will be asked to write essays on each standard to prove your understanding of these concepts." Zelda had figured as much. They'd drilled them into their heads from the first day at the school.

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