You're Trouble

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Black Widow's POV (continued)

The wind soars in my ears. It takes a moment for it to sync in. I'm zip lining. Hundreds of feet in the air. And I love it. I laugh and stick my arms out with glee. Harsh wind smacks my face and whips my hair, but it doesn't compare to my own joy. Up close the buildings are broken, faded and crumbling. Their perfect illusions don't work up close. The zip line turns, making me jolt. I curse under my breath as I'm violently chucked around. It only lasts a second though. I manage to catch a glimpse of myself in a building. For once I look...happy. The concept itself is almost foreign to me. My hair is everywhere yet I looked relaxed and calm. This shakes me slightly. I'm actually happy. And relaxed. Everything I've wanted. Why don't I feel safe then? There's a sharp corner that takes me to the end of the line. Hm, sounds like something Steve would say. I pull the lever to make myself stop before flipping off elegantly into everyone's awaiting arms. I spot Katniss in the crowd, but as I talk to her there is no sign of Draco or Johanna. Not good. "So that's how my bow-"
"Hello sweeties!" River interrupts Katniss. Lucky, I wasn't listening. "Hey. Have fun?" I ask, jabbing her ribs gently with my elbow. River just laughs. "Of course I did! Who do you think I am?"
"No idea." I laugh with her until we see another person halt to a stop. I curse when I see them. "What's wrong sweetie?"
"Bloody Tony didn't scream." I grumble. As he jumps other person arrive. I ball my fists. "Steve doesn't either? Oh come on! I wanted some fun!" River just laughs at me as the boys join us. "What's wrong with her?" Tony asks pointing to me. Katniss rolls her eyes. "You two didn't scream."
"Well so-rry. Next time should I cry and crap my pants too?"
"Oh shut it." I snap.
"Well, I know how you feel. Why didn't you scream Cap? Fun for everyone!"
"Not great timing Stark." River adds. Tony flings his hands in the air in defeat and wanders off. "Loser." I mumble, earning a few giggles.

I zone out for a while until I hear quite frustrated screams. No one else notices. Curious, I creep away and follow them. They lead me to an alleyway near the zip line. In fact, it's right below a section. Scaffolding reaches the zip line. Perfect chance to reach the line or sabotage it. Oh. Greaat. Sabotage. I look underneath the scaffolding and find my next victims. Ah, Draco and Johanna. Shocking. I sneak in closer so I can hear them properly. "-don't want to either. We don't have any other choice!" That was Johanna definitely.
"It's too risky. Someone will DIE." Wow, Draco's STILL sulking. God he's a wimp. "Just shut up Draco! Eric will kill us otherwise." Eric? I frown and watch Johanna take her concealed knife out while Draco gets his gun. She holds the knife up to the moonlight. "Wow, look how beautiful it looks." Silence. I can imagine the face Draco must be giving her. "You know, we could just end it all right now. We have weapons. Enough bullets. One shot to the head. All our problems solved. Imagi-"
"Johanna shut up. We're not dying! I'm going to EARN my fathers trust, okay? Not freaking kill myself." There's a small sigh followed by silence. I debate whether to face them, alone which doesn't bother me, or let them be. A part of me wants to lash out and interrogate them. The other is telling me to walk away. Logic tells me they have weapons you idiot. I mentally groan as my debate continues. Maybe they're not as strong as we think they are. "Widow! Come on we're heading back!" Well, guess I'm leaving them. I hate to leave it but, what harm could it do? I turn and run back to the group, where Dauntless are packing up and heading back. Just one more person to go I guess. I walk with River and Katniss, Tony and Steve trailing behind. "Come on boys, don't want to get left behind!" I yell behind me as they desperately try to think of a comeback. Nothing. Victory. "So, what's next for training?"
"I don't know, I guess more fear land-"
"SOMEONE HELP NOW!" I feel the colour drain from my face like everyone else. This evening will not end on a high note.

I look at Katniss, River, Steve and Tony before breaking into a full sprint. A massive group has already gathered at the scene, blocking access to the spot. "What the hell?" Katniss mumbles as we all look confused. I glance over at Steve and Tony. God, they're scared shitless, pale as ghosts. Even River looks a tad worried. I mustn't look much better. "Katniss!"
"Oh, Gale!" Katniss turns and hugs her best friend as we watch.
"You okay?" He asks concerned.
"Yeah. What happened?"
"No idea." We all grown in puzzlement. Okay, I NEEDS information. It's killing me. Murmurs pass through the crowd, nothing much audible. I glance at River. "Anything?"
She sighs. "I've heard 'zip line broke' and 'tragic'. You?"
"Same, plus 'get help now'. I'm so confused." River nods in agreement and gives me a small hug which I accept. From the inner crowd Hermione comes up to us in a blabbering mess. "What's wrong kiddo?" Tony asks softly. She goes to reply before a scream cuts her off, sending shivers through my spine. "NO! IT'S NOT FAIR!"
"TRIS GET BACK!" At least Tris, or Six, is alive. I'm guessing the other feminine voice was her friend. It sounded like that girl Christina, or maybe Shauna. Not sure. "Hermione, what's happened?" I ask calmly.
"I...I don't know. All I saw was blood. Lots of blood." I give her a weak smile as Steve pulls her close to him for a reassuring hug. I clutch onto River, Katniss onto Gale. And we wait. We wait until we hear it. Two names. A few words. From different people in the crowd.
"One badly injured and one dead." Wait, dead? Actually dead? Katniss gasps.
"It's that initiate Johanna..."
Who's dead and who's hanging on by a thread?

Uriah or Johanna? One will go. Hehehe.

Okay I am SO SORRY I SUCK AT UPDATING!!! I've been super busy with dance and school plus I've been working on some other stuff I might publish soon. If you are reading this I'm so sorry. Thanks you guys are actually the best xxx

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