The Rescuers Down Under Wingston Harbor

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Brittany led us onto the rocks. We walked in silence. I was too worked up on the insanely horrible situations that I had cooking up in my brain to actually try to make any conversation. Because I was too caught up in my head, I didn't notice Brittany suddenly stop. Erin quickly grabbed me by my shoulders to keep me from failing all over her. I squeezed his hand in thanks. Brittany was bent over, pushing a sand dollar further down into the rock it was already embedded in.

My mouth dropped at the sight before me. I heard Erin choke. The rocks slowly slide away from each other, revealing a stone stairwell. Once we were down the stairs, we entered a dank, dingy, stone hallway. Right as I wondered if the rocks above would close, they did, leaving the three of us in total darkness. My stopped breathing. Seriously?! There couldn't have been some creepy torches to light our way through this creepy ass hallway?

As I reached out for Erin, the hallway lit up, casting us in a blue light. I snapped my head back in forth to look at the walls. It look like stone, yet glowed blue like the glowstone you see in Minecaft. I gingerly reached out to touch the walls. It even felt like stone!

"How is this possible?" Erin wondered.

"This is amazing," I said, awed.

Brittany rolled her eyes at us. "I don't think this is important right now."

I nodded vigorously. Now is not the time to think about mermaid magic.
Once we were down the corridor, we all crouched around the corner to look for Gema and her family. They were all tied together in a small cave with a tiny pool to the left of them. They were all gagged as well.

Gema and Tanagra looked so much alike. The same blonde hair and orange tinted skin, although Tanagra's tail looked darker than Gema's. I could see they got their blonde hair from their father, but their orange tails and skin from their mother.

I started to crawl forward towards Gema. I ignored the protesting from Erin and Brittany. I looked around the cave and when I didn't see Jacobs, I stood up fully. Gema's eyes widened when she saw me, as did the test of her family. They started to struggle against the rope and gags, but I held a finger to my lips to tell them to keep quite. As I went to untie Tanagra and Gema, Erin went to untie their parents. Tanagra and Gema coughed as I ungagged them. I looked into Gema's brown eyes and saw that she had started to tear up.

"Oh Hyuna-Lee," she whispered. "You can't stay here. Hurry before he comes back!"

I cupped her face in my hands. "I can't let Jacobs hurt you and your family."

Gema opened her mouth to reply but screamed instead. I turned just in time to see Brittany hit Erin in the back of the head with a rock, knocking him down, but thankfully not unconscious. A straggled sound left my lips. Before I knew what was really happening, I was lunging at Brittany, but I froze at sound of Jacobs voice.

"I knew you'd come."

I turned around to glare at him, but I also peeked to the side to see Brittany standing threatening over Erin with the rock still in her hand. How could she? What could he have told her to make her help him kill a family?

"Your Auntie was a great friend of mine. We were so close until I found out the truth about her and her kind."

"Is there a reason you want to tell me your backstory?" I tried to sound fearless, but my voice cracked.

He scowled. "You're right. I guess we'll get right to the point."

Jacobs pulled out a gun from the back of his pants. I gulped and staggered back. Of course he had to have a freaking gun. It couldn't have been some magical whale-bone-sword-thing.
Jacobs smiled and pointed the gun towards Tanagra.

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