Fairytale Twist - Exquisite Specimen

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 Fairytale Twist - Exquisite Specimen

The drones skittered about the hall, their sensors on full alert. The supply room had been opened, the precious items at risk of spoilage. They chittered and beeped, their spindly legs clattering across the floor. With fervor, the drones scoured the hall. Whatever had violated this sanctuary of history would be found.

If they’d been programed with emotions, surprise they would have felt when they found her. A thin, raven haired girl lay curled on a bunk. Humans were extinct, or so their data told them. They clambered over each other to scan and assess their spectacular find.

She stirred in the blue glow of their lights.  The child squeaked and shrank back, terrified and helpless in the face of so many glowing eyed spider-like bots.

All at once, they chittered and beeped in unanimous agreement. This most exquisite specimen must be kept.



A futuristic twist on the seven dwarfs finding Snow White in their home.
When I wrote this, I had the Tower World series in mind. Part of me wants to explore and explain this concept further.

Copyright © 2013 by Marie Chavez

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