Chapter 14 ~ Easily Judged

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I woke up to a loud banging sound as it startled both me and Harry.

"Jade, Harry, we need to leave now." A stern voice spoke.

I sat up in my bed, turning around to face Harry to see that our beds were pushed together.

"Who's that?" I whispered, noticing that it was still dark and only just getting light.

"It's one of the security guards, they sound serious." He replied, sitting up with me and getting out of bed.

"We need to get dressed and get ready, come on." He said in a raspy voice, deeper than usual as sleep laced in his voice.

"Why are they making us go back to the bus?" I asked.

"They usually do this when there's a lot of fans and paparazzi outside." He said.

He pushed the beds away from each other, back into their usual position and I vaguely remember feeling an arm wrapped around me when I woke up.

"Harry, did you push our beds together last night?" I asked as he sat down on his bed, pulling on his jeans.

"Yeah, I waited until you'd gone to sleep. I'm sorry, I'm just used to being next to you at night." He explained.

"I don't like being lonely." He mumbled and I giggled.

"Oh Harry, you are sweet." I commented, pulling on my clothes as both of us faced away from each other.

"Jade, you still have my t-shirt on." He told me and I froze after taking it off, realising it was in fact, Harry's.

"Oh yeah, here you go." I said, chucking it to him as he caught it from the side, trying to give me some privacy.

"Thank you." He muttered as we continued to get dressed.

Afterwards, we brushed our teeth and continued to get ready, exiting the hotel room with our things as the security guards carried our things for us.

"I'll go and put your things in the car, stay here because there's a lot of people outside." One of the security guards warned.

We stayed put and I tried to block out the sound of the screams of many girls, making me feel slightly insecure.

These girls were all here for Harry and most of them probably didn't like me very much. They were so pretty which didn't help my nerves.

"Hey, it's okay. I know there's a lot of people, but I'm here." Harry reassured me, squeezing my hand gently and the security guard came back.

"Stay by me." The security guard said, leading us outside.

Harry stood behind me, placing his hands on my waist as he gently helped to guide me through the crowd.

"Are you using her?"

"Jade, he's using you, just like he does everyone else."

"He will drop you soon enough!"

Various things were shouted and I was quite upset that Harry had to listen to that. Turning to face him, I noticed how his head was lowered and how his head shook from side to side, along with his hair.

He looked upset and distressed and so I placed my hand into his and he looked up at me, hurt evident in his usually bright green eyes, which were now duller and watery.

We got into the car that was waiting for us as Harry shut the door behind us, avoiding eye contact with me and letting out a shaky breath.

"Harry, don't listen to them." I whispered to him, in the hopes that it would reassure him.

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