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Name:(Name) (last name)


Personality:Like Naruto.Knucklehead,unpredictable,an idiot sometimes,prankster,loud,cocky,fierce,bold,rash,short tempered,stubborn,brave,determined,caring,friendly,protective,kind,bright,a strong will,NEVER GIVES UP

Looks:will be revealed

Abilities:Will be revealed.But she has a huge reserve of chakra,and is good in combat (due to getting to fights all the time).

Past:(Name) was a lonely girl,since she never had parents,and had to grow up in the orphanage all alone and no one wanted to be friends with her.She grew up independently by herself and lives by herself in a apartment and works in a bakery for a part time job.She wasn't really a decent ninja so thats why no one bothers to acknowledged her.Thats why she wants to become a hokage so she'll be truly respected by others (this is under editing,i'll reveal more of your past in future chapters)

Lol too Naruto-y?Well thats the point,on to the story!

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