Check The Seller First....

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Hey guys! I'm back after a little break with fresh, new stories all for your enjoyment! I really love writing these creepypastas. It's a lot of fun. Well, let's dive in!

I never had any experiences with the "Deep Web" until a little while ago. My brother and I were always really close. We'd do everything together, and be totally honest with each other. One day, I saw he was on the computer. I went over to see what he was viewing. I saw this site where I found many illegal drugs. I told him it was wrong and that our parents would find out for sure.

"Dude. This is untraceable. Nobody is finding out shit."
He replied. I didn't want to get my brother in trouble with our parents. I wasn't about to rat on my closest bro. On top of that, my parents were away at that time.

After a while of scrolling around the site, he found this type of weed. He clicked on it to find one or two reviews that gave it high ratings. The product was really cheap as well. Something was off about it. The page was suspicious. I suggested to my brother that, if he was going to buy drugs, he would buy one with more positive reviews. Of course, he insisted we buy this product.

I'm not into drugs. I wanted to stay out of it. However, I needed to make sure that my brother wasn't getting into that much trouble. He ended up buying that product for really cheap.
"Since the guy lives close to us, we expect quick delivery."

He proceeded to go on a rant. He gave me pointers about the site. Almost like he was a pro on the site. So, we waited for the weed to be delivered. A few days later, we heard a knock at the door. I went to see who it is.

It was a man that looked extremely shady. He was not well groomed. He had his hair messed up, scruffy face, a beer guy, and just plain creepy. This screamed off from a mile away. Of course, my brother answered the door to get his weed.

"The weed is in the van."
The man said. He then asked my brother to come with him. I was about to draw my brother back, but there was no stopping him. He walked out with the man. I wanted to make sure my brother was going to be okay, so I went out with him.

As we walked, I saw a big van. I looked at the passenger side window to see eyes peering out at us. I could see someone in a ski mask looking at us. He quickly ducked his head. I grabbed my brother and started running to the house.

The creepy bastard and the guy in the ski mask darted after us. I was able to get us home and inside. I immediately locked the door. The men started pounding on the door. It was only a matter of time until they broke it down.

By some stroke of luck, a man who was walking his dog happened to walk by and immediately became suspicious. He scared the men off. They got in their car and left. After a while, my brother and I got the courage to check the street to see if they were still there.

We saw the van parked at the beginning of the street. My parents came home and they drove off. Ever since then, I have never went on the "Deep Web" again....

I hope you liked the story! It's really obvious that you shouldn't buy drugs from random guys on the Internet. Be careful out there. The sellers know your address when you buy it! Good night for now! Oyasuminasai!

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