Chapter One

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"I need you pronto."

Shocked, Lottie Johnson blinked as she looked down to her fluffy, black cat faced slipper, with ears, whiskers, and button nose on her feet. Eyed off her blue nighty with a puppy dog with 100% cute written underneath with weariness. The simple fact was she was tired. Tired of it all. "Can't do pronto," she whispered.

"I beg your pardon," came a deep rumbling harsh voice over her mobile phone.

She sighed. "I need to change, would be there," she said in a mono tone voice, shutting down her phone. Standing, she placed down the bowl of popcorn onto the coffee table. Switched the movie onto pause, heading towards the bedroom of her Tower suite room. Stripping off the nighty on the way. She changed into a suitable kaftan of burgundy with white and gold embroidery. Pulled her hair back into a loose looped ponytail, and headed out towards His royal highness Zaid Al-Yarden's room at the other end of the long hallway. The whole floor accommodated his entourage for their trip to Melbourne.

She knocked on his door of his suite to be opened, and greeted by the butler, entered, and shown to his office, where he was pacing, hands behind his back, dressed in dark suit pants and white shirt, robes gone. Dark, bold, and furious.

Lottie took a deep breath. Strange really, ever since she had come back to her home town, she had felt drained, fed up, and wanted to stay, she realised. She was home, and wanted to stay. "I want to hand in my resignation," she blurted out.

Zaid stopped, turned, and his dark brown almost black eyes, glared at her. "Nonsense," he waved away, going to his desk, removing some papers that he dropped on the other side, near her. "Explain this."

Releasing a long drawn out breath, she crossed over, removed the report, glancing over. Tiredly, she rubbed a hand over her eyes, sitting down into a chair, reading over. Only to glance across, finding him staring down. She followed his gaze, passed her kaftan, to the peeking whiskers, and nose of her slippers. And guess what, she didn't care, glancing at her watch. Ten thirty. She tucked her feet behind the chair to continual reading, scratching her head.

"Sorry? What did you bring me here again?" she looked up at him, her boss. The sheikh. Great job. Even better pay. Totally pain in the ass, and she had enough. Dark eyes glared at her, as if she was insane. She was, for staying as long as she had. She tossed the papers back onto the table, knowing he wouldn't tolerate that. He would fire her, lose her benefits, and didn't care.

The last four years, since she had finished her business course and landed the job of a lifetime, she had been at his beck and call. No more. She wanted so much more. Respect for one. She was just another among many. Done. Finished. And she wanted out.

He crossed his arms, glaring at her with dark piercing eyes. "You signed a six year contract. Try to break it, and I'd sue you. So do you have the money?"

Two years longer. Kill me now! To take a deep breath, before she killed him instead. "I just don't understand what you want," she forced a smiled. Yep, he had her over a barrel. She would buy him out, if she could, so was here for another two years. How depressing. Hopefully when they left Australia, she would feel better. Perhaps he would sack her. Dream on. Why should he, when he had it so good. Why did she have to be so good at her job?

"Miss Johnson," he growled deep in his throat. She blinked, looking up, frowning. He never yelled, never showed his anger, except in front of her , which was very rare. Something had upset him, and it wasn't her.

"Yes, Sheikh," she asked softly, knowing that would royally peeved him off, but didn't care. She was tired, and wanted to go back to her room. So she could just veg out. Not that he would know what that meant. He never veg out. He never stopped to smell the roses. It's about time he did, standing. "I'd deal with this tomorrow," she grabbed the papers, turning, and walked away. He sucked in sharp breath behind her. She waved the papers above her head. "I'd read it first thing, promise." There was a movie beckoning her.

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