Chapter Two - Mirrorglow

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Up and up went the huge spiked head, supported by a long snake-like neck with its mane of dark blue fins. Water cascaded from it, raining back into the pond. The head arched above the children, then dipped until it was directly in front of them. 

The dragon shook its head. It blinked, a third eyelid flashed across eyes as black as the deepest night. The vivid yellow irises fixed on the children. The mouth opened slightly giving a hint of needle sharp teeth. A deep blue tongue flicked out seemingly tasting the air around them. 

As if satisfied the dragon heaved the front of it body up into the shallows. It planted two huge, clawed feet onto the bank and settled back. The rest of its body remained hidden beneath the surface of the water.

Dotty could not believe her eyes. She tried to convince herself that it was all a dream. She had fallen asleep in the garden and any moment now she would wake up.

'Dotty...' Alice was tugging at her arm, snapping her out of her reverie. 'Dotty what are we going to do?'

She pushed Alice behind her, shielding her from the dragon's sight. 'Everything is going to be fine.'

Henry still stood at the pool's edge, directly in front of the beast. The soft voice spoke through him. 'I am sorry if I frightened you, but I needed to bring you here... to explain.' 

Dotty addressed the dragon directly. 'Release my brother and I will listen to what you have to say.' 

The dragon nodded. Henry staggered and dropped to the ground.

'If you have...' Dotty started to shout.

He will be fine in a moment, came a voice in her head.

Her brother groaned and sat up. His eyes had returned to normal.

'Where am I?' he whispered, his voice his own once more. He looked around. 'How did I get here?' He caught sight of the dragon for the first time and started to scramble backwards. 

Dotty knelt beside him putting her hand on his shoulder to stop him. 'Sssssh. All will be well. Our new found friend here as some explaining to do.' she said sarcastically.

I am a Water Dragon, the creature began. My name is Mirrorglow and I have come to ask for your help.

'Our help?' Henry blurted out. 'How are we supposed to help a mighty dragon like yourself?'

'Hush Henry,' Alice grumbled. 'Let us listen to what she has to say.'

'How do you know it's a she?' Henry questioned.

'Because I do! Now listen.' Alice told him.

Alice is correct I am a drakina, a dragoness. Mirrorglow told them. Once we Water Dragons were many...

'How do you do that,' Henry interrupted once more. 'put the words into our heads.' 

It is a talent we dragons have... Mirrorglow said sharply ...but over time, we have been hunted by our enemies. Now I am afraid there are few of us left. We have scattered to the distant reaches of our lands keeping ourselves to ourselves. We live a long and lonely existence now. Seldom do we mingle with others of our race. But when we do... she paused as if remembering past meetings with other dragons.

...I have a son, Nightfire. He has been taken captive by the Qrill, a warlike race that inhabits my world. They are threatening him to force me into helping them against their enemies. If I do not help they have threatened to kill him.

'And how exactly do you wish us to help you?' asked Dotty. 'If you dare not try to rescue your son. What can we do?'

Rescue him for me. 

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