Chapter 29

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Avery's POV:

"What's with the leather?" Jase teases as I walk up next to him in the halls. The quiz went fairly bad considering I was spacing out the whole time but at least I didn't get a zero.

"Long story..." I sigh as we push open the double doors to the cafeteria, the smell of processed meat punching me in the face.

"Wait... Is that...Brett's jacket?" Jase asks suspiciously as we sit at the usual table and he sends me a weary glare.

I stay silent and he obviously takes that as a yes. "What's with you two?" He asks.

"Nothing." I say looking up at him with an honest smile.

"I still can't believe he tried to ask you to the dance." Jase grumbles as he unwraps a slice of cold vegan pizza.

"Well you know I turned him down." I say as I pull out a bag of chips and a brownie, I'm the image of health.

"Hey guys." Parker greets as he sits down, the rest of the boys follow soon after.

Turns out teachers don't take fondly to nap time so Vi won't be joining me for lunch today, I'm going it alone. At a table of boys, joy.


"I swear my costume will be cooler than yours." Owen promises Brett who have been non stop arguing about the impending childish Holiday that is Halloween.

"Speaking of Halloween," Jase interrupts as he takes a swig of my water, "wanna go with me to the dance?" He asks nonchalantly and I can't help but smile.

I lean over and quickly kiss him on the cheek. "I'd love to." I'm not one for the gooey proposals for dances, especially since Jase and I are already dating, personally the way he did it was perfect.

The rest of the boys start wiggling their eyebrows and making childish sounds like the five year olds they are. Well all of them but Brett, he was just glaring at Jase emptily.

He soon snapped out of his weird stare when Maddie plopped herself down on Brett's lap.

"Maddie, go with me to the Halloween dance?" Brett asks casually as her face lights up and she squeals causing us all to cringe.

"Oh BRETTY!!" She swoons and she wraps her arms around him and starts kissing his face leaving bright red lipstick stains all over his face.

I don't know why but seeing him take this moment that was special for me and doing the same with Maddie just drives me up the wall. I don't know if it's the fact that he asked Maddie or he did it right after Jase asked me but this feeling of anger and jealously swept over me.

No matter how much of a slut she is he doesn't have to be rude about asking her to the dance like be at least a tad bit gentlemanly.

He's such an asshole. I can't stand being with them while she talks sweet to him and sucks his face. I grab my trash and get up pecking Jase on the cheek and leaving, the bells going to ring soon anyways.

Brett's POV:

"Speaking of Halloween," the vegan douche piped on Owen and my very heated costume debate, "wanna go with me to the dance?" He turns to Avery casually as if asking for a quarter for the vending machine.

What an ass, he can't even do some sweet gesture to ask her he just has to be blunt boring about it.

"I'd love to." Avery leans in and kisses him and I almost choke, how could she be so happy about him asking her like that. If she had any sense she turn him down.

I felt the anger bubble up in me, even after I told her that Jase was as fake as a ken doll she still chooses to be with him and it infuriates me. That dick wad is player her and she has no idea.

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