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WARNING:You may cry at this part..:(

There was my mom and my dad no where to be found. Uh... I loved my mom but I HATE HER! My dad was always there for me no matter what every talent show I sang in every play I acted in there he was. Now my mom *shrugs* That bitch was probably having sex with five damn dudes!

Carrie:Uh..hi mom where's dad

Cm=Carrie's mom

Cm:He died yesterday I fell off the staircase


Cm:Im so very sorry 😔

Carrie:*starts crying*

Cm:*tries to hug me*

Carrie:*pushes her off* I don't need any comfort from you

I slammed the door in her face. I didn't wanna see anybody right now. I ran to my room and Chris was right behind me. I sat on the bed crying my eyes out. He hugged me

Carrie:*hugs back* I love you

Chris:I know and I love you to

Carrie:*smiles and wipes tears*

I pulled away and looked at him. Still i was crying..What's life without ups or downs..a flat line and that means your dead you never ever want a flat line. Yea you don't want problems but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! 😀😞 My dad told me that life is nothing without love and ups and downs so deal with it...I miss him already.

Three weeks later

Me,Chris,Dani,and Cj were in the car driving to grandpa's funeral.

Carrie:*driving* Dani put on your seat belt

Dani:*puts it on*😒

Carrie:*looks away and drives*

Dani:*unbuckles it* 😏

The car stopped right in the middle o a train track good thing a train wasn't coming.


Chris:Come on everyone get out we'll call somebody

We all got out and that's when a train started coming...hell no! I looked around and started crying I couldn't find Dani I looked and saw her in the car grabbing her doll out the front!



Carrie:DANI NO!

The train was getting closer I ran to the car and tried to get her out and before I could open the door the train hit the car.

With Danielle Brown in it. Danielle Rose Brown. The car flipped over all of our heads and landed on its head I ran to the car and saw Dani lying there. Lifeless. What a way to go to a funeral. Everyone was crying there eyes out.


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