Just before Renxsuke was about to start talking, it had seemed that Clayton had appeared suddenly and cleared his throat. Clayton looks down at us smiling as Renxsuke and I looked at each other and then back at the man with the greed struck smile.

"I'm sorry to interrupt," Clayton started as he walked forward a few steps. "I'd like to put you two up for a job, if you're up for it,, unless you two are to busy with something else..." Clayton slid in. Embarrasement struck my face and heated up, i quickly reacted and pushed Renxsuke away from me making him fall on the ground.

"Hey!" Renxsuke yelled as he quickly sat back up. "What'd you do that for?!"

"Shut up!" i yelled back and quickly turned my back to him and held my face trying to cover the blush that filled my cheeks.

"Females..." Renxsuke said as he stood up, 'Such confusing creatures..."

"Creatures?!" i said standing up as i balled up my fists

"Yes, thats what i said!"

"We females are people just like you hard headed and stubborn males!"

"Well, if this lover's quarrell is finished...?" Clahyton said.

"Lover's?! Ha we are not, the furthest thing from it!" i said.

"I'd have to be incredibly stupid to get involved with her..."

"For once we agree on something...."

Clayton stared at us blankly, "If you'll kindly follow me." As i started to make movement to follow Clayton I threw Renxsuke's cloak at him, harshly giving it back. 

"Hmph, feisty much?" he said and i just growled in response. Clayton led us back into the jungle down a different passage than earlier, i knew he wanted something from us, but what? I also knew he would want to use our abilities to his advantage, but for what?

"Ok," Renxsuke started, "We were in the middle of a conversation, what could be so important to where you interupt it in the middle of the night when you should be asleep? What is it that you want?"

Clayton stopped walking and eyed Renxsuke, "What i want is you to make a beast keen in the senses, and to track down the gorillas or its current nest."

Then Renxsuke looked to me, "Well get to it..."

"Excuse me?! Um, you have the powers of darkness too! You're practically made with it right?! You do it!"

"You have to do it.....Ayame."

"Why me?"

"It'll be explained later, its part of my life story that you're so interested in...."

Without another word i focus on the darkness and a glowing purple black mist circled around my hands as it shot out of my hands into a whirlpool on the ground. and emerged a large dog beast like heartless. It almost looked like it could belong to hades. it was black except for a few light streaks of purple throughout its body. It had glowing orange eyes, and feet that were like cleats, and at the end of its tail was a ball of light attached. I walked over to the beast and patted its side as it knelt down and moved its head towards me.

"How are you doing today boy?" I asked it. He licked my face in response. "Would you mind helping me out with something?" he licked me again. "Thanks boy, we need your help to find some gorillas." he nodded as he sniffed around to try and find a trail as he moved forward.

"Good job," Renxsuke said. "But i still could have done better.'

"If only i could use the darkness on you..."

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