Chapter 27: Anger Management

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It's been a few weeks since Kris and Irene left for America. It turns out that dad is no longer doing any business trips outside of Seoul any time soon so he bought an apartment in Gangnam and that means he won't completely be out of the picture. Mom forced dad to apologize to both me and Yongguk and long story short, dad is trying his best to be decent to Yongguk. Ok yay everyone's happy and caught up, time to move on.

I was talking to Nayeon in the hallway when we saw Yongguk and his friends enter behind him. I waved at him but he didn't seem to have seen me. He had a different look in his eyes which resembled the stare of serial killers before they go on a rampage in movies.

"Did something happen with him?" Nayeon asked me but I just raised my shoulders. I didn't know why Yongguk was looking like that.

At that moment, a kid who was texting and walking at the same time bumped into Yongguk. Yongguk instantly grabbed the poor kid by the front of his shirt and slammed him into a locker, all while staring straight forward.

The second instance was when another guy walked by, he wasn't even in Yongguk's way, but he still shoved him out of the way angrily. Yongguk passed by us and we trickled behind next to Zelo.

"Psst, what's going on with him?" I whispered to Zelo.

"Ehh nothings really going on. He's just in one of his 'moods' again. Occasionally he acts all temperamental. It'll pass soon," Zelo answered calmly.

"Don't you think you guys should do something about it? He was pretty mean to those guys back there," Nayeon said.

Zelo laughed, "I'm not gonna tell him to calm down when he's acting like this. I don't plan on getting myself killed today. On our way to school, he was this close to beating someone up because they were walking too slow in front of us. He could've just driven himself to school but you know, that's not my business."

"What's with him and his obsession with punching people??"

"He just has a short temper," Zelo replied.

Later that day Yongguk got called into the principle's office for acting up again. I heard that he was just given a warning this time, but I decided it was time to find a solution to this whole mood swings thing.


"Hey I signed us up for something really fun that we could do together," I said to Yongguk the following day.

"What is it?" He said, uninterested.

I clutched my arm at his coldness towards me. He really does look like a serial killer sometimes. "Uhh well you said before that you took martial arts classes when you were younger but stopped, so I thought that it would be fun if we did a class together."

"You're into that stuff?"

"Mmm yeah sure. So what do you think?" I read online that martial arts was a good way for someone to relieve stress and control their temper. Hopefully this idea will work. At least Yongguk agreed to go.


At the taekwondo class it was us and 4 other people. Everyone else easily got the hang of things and I looked like an awkward noodle--but remember, this was the first time I've ever done something like this.

The teacher praised Yongguk for his strength and stamina and he looked really satisfied with himself. I even saw him smiling when he punched the plastic dummy. Well better the dummy than actual people.

I was too tired out for the day. Good thing class was already done and everyone was leaving the studio. "So do you think you'll come back next week?" I asked Yongguk.

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