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*Kaleigh's POV*

"We're here Ms. Kaleigh," said the limo driver.

"Thank you. I'm sorry but I never got your name."

"It's Ryan."

"Well, thank you Ryan," I smile at him.

"Your Welcome Ms. Kaleigh."

"Please just call me Kaleigh." 

"Will do, Kaleigh. Have fun."

As Ryan opens the door I smile and get out of the limo. I walk up to the building and pull open the tall glass door.

"Hey Kaleigh! I haven't seen you in a while," greets the receptionist

"I've had photo shoots like crazy lately with my sister. They finally ran out of clothes for us, and now  I need more for a solo one."

"Well, Lily will be with you in a few minutes."

"Thank you."

I walk over to the waiting area and sit down. I look at the glass coffee table in front of me and see a One Direction magazine. I pick it up and start reading.

"Kaleigh, Lily is ready for you now," the receptionist tells me

"Thank you. Have a nice day." I say putting the magazine on the glass table. I sand up and wa to the fitting room.

"Welcome back Kaleigh," Lily greets me.

"Hi Lily. It's nice to see you."

"Nice to see you to. I need you to try on a lot of outfits. Are you ready?"

"I sure am."

*Kayla's POV*

"Jake are we almost there?" I whine

"Yes Kayla," He smiles.

Jake has been my best friend ever since I started modeling. Even on the first day we joked around with each other. It felt like we had known each other forever. I Love him to death.

"Are we there yet?"



I grab my purse and started to open the door.

"Wait! Before you go can I ask you something?" 


"Lily is having a party and wanted me to invite you and Kaleigh."

"When is it?"

"Tomorrow at 8:00. She is also having live entertainment."


"That night club next to the movie theater."

"Sounds fun! Can I invite Olivia too?"


"Okay. Sounds good! See ya later!"

I get out of the car and close the door. Jake waves at me and drives away. I wave back and walk up to the studio door. 

"Kayla, you're here!" yells Stacy

"Hi girl! How are you?"

"I'm good. Do you like your outfit?"

She pulls out a pair of skinny jeans with a cropped top that has the Irish flag on it in beading.

"I love it! Its kind of like what I'm wearing now."

"Oh ya, it is."

"What about the shoes?"

"I think the ones you have on will work fine. Go change!"


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