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I was feeling beyond awkward as December stared at me from across the classroom. I had shifted seats to get away from him because I completely embarrassed myself yesterday at his house. After my little scene, I hightailed it out of there and ran like the devil was on my heels.

My mind drifted to him again as his face invaded my thoughts. He looked shocked yesterday when I told him of my love. It was as if he had never known those things about himself and my words served as recognition. I broke my heart more because I realised the reason when I actually reflected on yesterday. On the way to his bedroom, there was not a single picture of the family that lived in that house. The walls were painted white, cream or grey and lacked a home-like feel. Only his bedroom felt lived in. I dropped my head with a groan then mentally cheered when the bell rang.

I walked quickly and was quite relieved when he did not try to stop me.


I was walking lazily to the cafeteria when James picked me up and sat me on his shoulders.

"What's on the menu today lil'bro?"

"Disgusting cafeteria food Aniki."


"Big brother."


He pushed open the cafe doors quite rudely but stopped in his tracks all of a sudden. I looked up at what he was staring at and my jaw dropped.

There stood December with a gigantic bouquet of colorful roses. For some reason he had on a mask that had a sad face. I kicked James in his side and he put me down immediately.

"December what are you doing?!" I whisper- yelled.

"This is my true self David. I suffer from depression and I generally hate the world. Would you accept me still or I am too late?" He whispered as he stared passed me.

I was suddenly amused as I gestured for him to come forward and then whispered to him.

"That's my big brother."

His expression was hidden by the mask but the shade of red that over came his neck made me snicker.

"Would you?" He asked hopefully.

An immense wave of happiness washed over me and I smiled.

"Of course."

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