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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 31 ~ Close Call

Walter grabbed my shoulders staring deep into my blue eyes, his own eyes wide. 

"Go and hide Coral," he said.

I didn't need to be told twice, if I argued, time would be wasted and Pedro would have Landon's kid in his arms. And then god knows what he would do to her. 

I turned and ran back the way we had come, then crouched behind a bush out of sight. I saw a glimpse of Walter running high speed to get Melody before Pedro did, but he quickly vanished out of my line of sight as a tree was in the way.

So I crouched in the damp and cold, peeking over the bush for what seemed like an age. What had happened? I really hoped that they were both okay! They surely wouldn't have started a fight. It was no man's land, and it was in potential public. I snuck along the bush and past a big tree trying to get catch what was going on, but remaining hidden. 

Walter was screaming Melody's name so loud I could hear that it hurt his voice. Had she stopped? Please..let her have stopped... I could imagine Landon's face when we told him that their rival had stolen his daughter. No, Melody was going to be okay. After this we would have to teach her not to run to strangers just for sweets.

Finally I could see what was happening, the bush was thinner over here and I hoped I was safe. Walter was only one person.

Pedro was now standing up the bag of sweets hanging by his side, three more of his gang spread out around him. Walter stood about twenty metres away holding Melody so hard, his knuckles were white and she was crying again. He was outnumbered, and I hoped he didn't do something stupid, because even from where I was hiding, I could see that he was very angry.

Everyone had gone. They were the only people in the park now, and Walter and Pedro continued to have their stare off, none of them saying a word. Then Walter took one step back, followed by another and another. His frame was rigid, and I could tell he was either seconds away from lunging at them all or running away. Adrenaline I guessed. I myself was experiencing much the same, even though I was no where near them. 

Walter turned and walked away from them I could tell that it was taking him a lot of willpower. His pace wasn't fast, but he wasn't strolling either. Melody was bawling so hard, tears and snot were running down her pretty face. I stayed hidden a little longer and watched to see if Pedro and his goons were going to do anything. But they were just stood there watching him so I crawled back to my original hiding place where they couldn't see me, and then got up to join Walter out in the open.

His chest was heaving and his jaw was very tight. 

"Here give Melody to me, you're hurting her," I reached out to take his niece. 

Walter handed her over without a word then ran a hand roughly through his coal black hair.

"Distract me Coral," he said almost desperately in a low voice. 

I rocked Melody in my arms trying to get her to stop crying. "You can't fight them Walter, there's four of them and that's what they want. They want to get back at you guys for whatever Phoenix did on Monday."

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