Flash - Alone

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The tower was exquisite, lit by lines of circuitry, able to answer her every whim. Perfection or not, she wanted none of it. It was not the earth; there were no fields, no sweet smelling flowers, creeks or trees; and more importantly, no people.

“Will I ever see my family, my home again?” Sheria asked, hope trembling in every word. She didn’t look up to find his eyes, if there were any. What exactly he was, she wasn’t sure, his ethereal glow blinding.

You cannot leave. His voice was an echo, coming from everywhere and nowhere at once.

Sheria nodded, head bowed. Tears trickled down her cheeks, pooling on her chin before falling to the pristine metallic floor.

You fascinate me. He drifted away, the floor dematerializing behind him.

She dropped to her knees, her face in her hands. She was alone. Alone in this vast non-existence, a sublime limbo.

A retelling of when Beauty meets the Beast told in one hundred and fifty words or less with a futuristic twist.

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