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Levy P.O.V.

I was walking down the street, my nose in a book, when I felt a hand around my mouth. I tried screaming but the hand muffled it.

I was dragged down an ally, my hope slowly fading away. Then I see a shadow of someone obviously taller than my captor. I could tell that my captor was scared because his hand started to shake and I figured that now was my chance to escape.

I opened my mouth wide and I bit down on his hand hard. He started screaming in agony and let go of me for one second, but that was all I needed.

I smashed the heel of my foot on his toes so he wouldn't be able to run after me for a few seconds. He started to hop around on one foot.

I ran like my life was in danger and in a way, it was. I ran and ran and ran till I couldn't run no more and I could hear running footsteps behind me. 'Oh no! Has he found me again or is it my savior?'

I turn around slowly, like in one of those cliche movies, and I'm pretty sure that he is my savior because I instantly recognize him. Gajeel.

I'm so happy that it's him that before I know what I'm doing, I hugged him. When I realized what I did, I start to blush. 'Oh my god! Please tell me I didn't just hug Gajeel, my crush!'

I just stood dumbstruck as I saw Gajeel start to blush. I'm pretty sure I started to blush more because of that. Then an excellent question came into my mind. "Gajeel how did you know that I was in trouble? I mean I figured that you were the one who saved me."

I saw Gajeel blush more. 'Why is he blushing?' He then answered my question, not the one I asked in my mind. "Yes Shrimp, I'm the one who saved you. I was walking down the street when I saw you and I wanted to talk to you, then I saw you getting dragged. I'm surprised no one else saw this. And when I saw his hand over your mouth, I was going to kill him for ever trying to hurt you. Before I could do that, you bit his hand and smashed his toes. By the way, nice job."

I started to blush all over again when he complimented me. 'What is with me today?!?!' Gajeel looked worried and put his hand on my forehead. "Hey Shrimp, are you ok? You're burning up." I wanted to tell him I felt fine, but the I would be lying. I started to get dizzy and started to stumble.

I was then swept of my feet, literally, by Gajeel and I started to giggle. 'If I was swept of my feet by Gajeel, does that make him my prince charming?' Then I started thinking. 'No we're more like beauty and the beast. He was mean to me in the beginning, then he softened to me in the end, well I like to think he did.'

He started to walk fast and I wondered where we were going. He didn't need to answer that because in a few seconds, the front of his house came into view. 'Why are we here? Why couldn't Gajeel just drop me off at my house?' All these questions were running through my head that I didn't notice that he entered, closed, and locked the door.

I then saw my favorite Exceed ever, Pantherlily, fly into the room. To say he was surprised would be an understatement. He looked at Gajeel and motioned his head so that Gajeel would know that he wanted to talk to Gajeel privately in one of their rooms. They left me and I got myself comfortable and took out my book I stuffed before my kidnapper attacked me. It is my favorite book ever. I kinda mentioned it earlier. Beauty and the Beast.

I loved the book because me and Bell have a lot of things in common. We love to read, we love animals, we don't judge people by rumors (people said Gustav (I think that is his name) was the best), and we give people second chances. As I said the last on, I looked at the door where, currently, my crush and his Exceed were talking.

What seemed like a day was actually one hour when Gajeel and Pantherlily exited the bedroom. "What were you talking about that made you take one hour?" When I asked that, Gajeel started to blush and Pantherlily had a smirk and looked smug. I could tell that Gajeel wanted to slap that smirk off of Pantherlilys face but held back because no matter what, Gajeel will always love Pantherlily.

I yawned and everyone realized that I was tired. I was fixing to rest on the couch when Gajeel picked me up princess bridal style and took me into Pantherlilys bedroom. I could tell it was Pantherlilys because there was pictures of kiwis on the walls, on the desk, and on every light source. Oh and he also has kiwi-colored bed sheets, pillow cases, and cat bed. 'Woah. I mean I knew Pantherlily loves kiwis, but I didn't think it goes into the realm of kiwi obsessive mode.'

Still it was pretty and the kiwi stickers (I will say it again, kiwi obsessed) on the ceiling lamp gave the room a peaceful, green, forestry vibe/color. When Gajeel laid me down on the bed and my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light.

Gajeel P.O.V.

I carried Shrimp into my house, but I wasn't planning on Pantherlily being there. To say he was surprised would be an understatement. He flicked his head towards his bedroom and I knew he wanted to talk to me.

I walked in there, knowing I was going to get questioned for bringing Shrimp to my house. When I closed the door, Pantherlily started firing question. "What is Levy doing here? Is she ok? I saw you carring her. Do you like her? Have you finally admitted it to yourself? Did you admit to her? Are you in a relationship? Did you tell her you love her? Has she told you she loves you? When are you getting married? Is she pregnant? What did you do Gajeel?!?!" He yelled the last question.

I couldn't help but get mad at him. "I didn't do anything to her and stop asking all these questions so fast. I can't keep up." I then proceeded to answer his questions. "She was attacked. Yes she's ok. I'm not going to tell you if she likes me or if I like her. We didn't admit anything. We are not in a relationship. I'm not going to tell you if we love each other. We are not getting married. And no she isn't pregnant."

I'm 100% sure I was blushing through answering all the questions cause then he started taunting me. "Awww Gajeel you love her and she loves you and Mirajane is finally gonna have those 30 Gale babies she wants."

I looked at my watch and we have been in here for 30 minutes. I then start to chase Pantherlily around for another 30 minutes. I finally catch him and and tell him if he doesn't say sorry, I will hide the kiwis from him for a week and he instantly said sorry. Kiwi is his kryptonite.

I walk back outside to see Shrimp reading a book. We then hear her yawn and I pick her up and take her into Pantherlilys room. I cringe when I see his room. I start to chuckle. 'Yep kiwi is definitely Pantherlilys kryptonite.'

I looked at Shrimps face and she a peaceful expression. I put her down on the bed and when her head hits the pillow, she is out. I told Pantherlily where she is sleeping and he said he is just gonna sleep beside her to 'protect' her, but I knew the real reason. Sometimes he gets nightmares and he wants Shrimp to scratch and pet him to calm him down.

I don't know why, but when Pantherlily said he was gonna sleep beside her, I felt jealousy. I scuffed at my idiotic self. 'Am I really jealous of my cat?' I just shake my head. I make sure that Pantherlily and Shrimp are comfortable before turning off all the lights and changeing into my pjs and I just fall asleep when my body hits the bed.

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