Fairytale Twist - The Imminent End

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Fairytale Twist - The Imminent End

The end of the illusion was imminent. Luminous, fluttering layers of holo-cloth would disperse into the nothingness it was. A kaleidoscope spun behind her, men and women in their holo-best.

Unlike, Jennel, their fanciful garb would last through the night and beyond. She’d scraped together enough for the barest minimum, a four hour chip.

Galen held her hand, so tender and warm. Her heart clenched in her chest, this would be the last sweet moment they’d share. Rising on her toes, she whispered in his ear, “Tonight was a dream. Thank you, my love.”

She slipped quietly away, through the crowd, and into the night. Her chip flickered and dimmed. Soon she was only a girl, alone in the dark. Fear took hold as she caught the glint of eyes in the shadows. The feasters descended, no light to hold them safely at bay. 


A futuristic twist on when Cinderella leaves the ball.

Copyright © 2013 by Marie Chavez

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