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My absent mind slipped from my head as my bitter conscience lost its effect from the intoxication. My bike was losing its balance as I drove messily onto the school grounds. All I knew was that I'm angry, so very angry. And drunk too.

It was almost four, and I knew for a fact that Mrs Valentine was still here.

My bike bumped slightly into the wall, but no damage was made as I pulled it roughly onto its side, too disorientated to make it stand by itself. My feet tripped slightly as I fought my way desperately to the school gates before my hands fell onto the front door and slowly tugged it open.

I was at a low point. My pride stooped to the bottom yet my courage was still going strong as I scrambled for balance. I was never one to look for trouble, but I always knew how to end a fight. I was a rash, I'd only spread if you scratched me. Not the best comparison, but my head was too numb to contemplate any better ideas.

I stood still as a teacher emerged impatiently from the end of the corridor I was passing, and to regain balance I leaned casually against the wall, and snatched out my phone. I was too drunk to think of the consequences.

Then the middle aged, curious man made eye contact with me at the most unwanted of times. "How come you're still here?"

I nervously cleared my throat, my eyes still on my phone. "Stayed after school," I slurred. "Just... Just waiting for my parents to, uh- pick me up." I spoke with a false smile.

He then scowled in suspicion as he crossed his arms. Fuck, fuck, fuck. "Are you alright? You seem completely out of it."

I then snapped out of it immediately, looking at him straight in the eyes. "I'm fine."

"Oh, alright then." He rolled his eyes, and with that he left.

That was too close.

I stumbled recklessly towards Mrs Valentine's room with my obnoxiously confident smirk and fearlessly brought my knuckles to her door before giving it a harsh knock.

I saw the silhouette of her thin frame as it neared closer and closer towards the door. Then it swung open, her eyes darted to mine in confusion. "Harry?"

I let myself in without hesitating, causing her to warily close the door behind me as she stood still in worry. I paused, my eyes looking directly into hers. "Why the fuck are you messing with other people's lives?"

She shushed me, hurrying to the door and locking it for no further disturbance. She then looked through her classroom window with a scowl, closing the blinds once she noticed we were alone.

"Why are you here?" She asked viciously, then her eyes widened. "And why are you drunk? Are you nuts?"

"First of all, I'm here because your negligence to the responsibility of a teacher is fucking disgusting. Second of all, I'm drunk because... I like to drink! God, can I live? And sixth of all, I'm perfectly sane." I slurred miserably.

"You can't show up to school drunk and pick a fight with me. God, are you trying to make me lose my job?" She snarled in anger.

"I came here to tell you that you're a waste of space who's jealous of an eighteen year old girl. And my God, it's sad." I laughed in disbelief and also at her misfortune.

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