Chapter Five

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So my Monday morning classes started off with homeroom, which was pretty easy to find as it said the location of the class on my schedule.

I walked into the class only a couple seconds after the third bell to still find people settling in.
'Ms Bennet' I read.
If I remembered right, I think this was the class Violet and Amelia have together.

I've still not told any of my friends I'm here yet.

Sure enough, I was right. 
As I went to greet the teacher I heard one slightly high pitched scream and my name being called.

"DARC" hey Violet.

"What do you mean 'is it true'?" I turned to them with a slight smirk on my face and a raised eyebrow. Both girls let out a squeal as the pulled me into their arms, mumbling on about how much they missed me and can't wait until schools over to come over to mine or something.

I missed this, back in England I never really had a 'best friend'. Yeah, I had a couple friends but I couldn't stay at their houses or send them ugly snapchats. It was always nice to know that I had my girls back here. 

We were all completely different from each other, see Violet had slightly tan olive skin, hazel eyes and long brown hair. Her frame was slim and tall, and she was always floating with confidence, not to mention her amazing vocals.
Amelia has the darkest eyes, skin and hair out of all of us, see her dad is African and her mum is Italian, I think. She's the tallest of us all. Her skin is beautiful, she hardly ever gets spots and when she does they barely show. Amelia has a love for acting and plays and all things drama. And of course, is also oozing with confidence.

And lastly, Olivia. I have still to see her but she's not going to be hard to miss with her medium length blonde hair and light blue eyes. She's probably the smallest out of all of us after me. She likes to read, much like me. She used to dance but after her parents split up she gave it up.

After Violet and Amelia let me out of their death grip of a hug I took a breath that I knew I needed and turned to the teacher. "Um Ms Bennet?" my voice came out surprisingly quiet.

"Don't tell me why you're lat- oh hi, sorry. Yes, I'm Ms Bennet, you must be the new student starting, is that right...?"

I just looked at her.

She's waiting for your name stupid. "This is Darcy" Violet chipped in, saving me from my frozen body.

"I see you've already made friends" Ms Bennet raised her eyebrow at Violet and her crazy style, but of course Violet raised her eyebrow right back at her. I had to bite my lip to stop the laughter from escaping.

"Well I'm not exactly new here, I lived until I was seven and I came back every summer, so I already new Violet and Amelia," I turned round to see where Amelia had gone, she was sitting at the back saving two seats beside her as if her life depended on it. I smiled at her then turned back to the teacher.

"Well, we don't really have assigned seats in this class, just where ever you can find one," Ms Bennet was old, and worn out, and surely looked like she was due to retire any day now. She must've been about 85. The poor woman walked slow, talked slower and looked extremely tired, but from the conversation we had, and watching how she looked at pupils, still had some amount of sass left in her.

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