Chapter 1

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I do not own any characters of naruto......

Naruto's Pov:-

My name is Uzumaki Naruto.........and I have just shifted to Konaha. Not that I am new to this place. After all I was born here and spent 7 years of my childhood here.

I then shifted to the city with my family cause my dad started his new business venture. My dad was crazy about starting his own business and I have to admit he was good (he still is). He fast gained popularity in the construction business.

Everything was pretty great but mom wanted to shift back to Konaha so we decided to shift back to our ancestral home in Konaha. Even Dad agreed as he was stressed out about his business and has decided to take a break from business so he will now work from home for a few months.

I am of course happy to be back but kind of nervous also.

I am a bit nervous to see all my friends, to be precise Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura because I have not exactly been in contact with them for quite a while to be precise.......5 years.

Not that I didn't want to contact but I had a big fight with Sasuke after which I thought that he should call and apologise and I think he also thought the same way about me & I am quite sure that Sasuke will not welcome me with a friendly hug whenever we meet.......

On the other hand, I will get to spend some more time with my family especially Dad since he will work from home more often. I will see him for dinner more often.....these last few months have been hard for him but I am sure he will be more relaxed once he starts working from home and I will see mum a little more.....she will be home by the time I come back from school......

Anyways I should stop thinking about all these things. I am really tired after all the moving in and feeling sleepy now.....better get some sleep before joining Konaha High tomorrow. I already it's going to be eventful.

Hinata's Pov:-

Kiba asked me if I liked him more than a friend. I froze as soon as I heard his question. I had no idea that Kiba liked me in that way. It is not that I don't like him it is just that I like him as my brother and never saw him as anything more than that. I didn't see anyone more than that since he left.

I was jumbled up in my thoughts when I heard Neji nisaan calling me. I stopped and turned around to see nisaan gesturing me to wait. He looked worried. I frown wondering why he was so tensed,

"Hinata sama. I want to ask you something...." He drawls reluctantly.

"Sure. What is it?" I ask smiling.

"Um...actually I was wondering if you would help me with buying a gift for Tenten. You know, since it's her birthday next week so..."

Now this was something I didn't expect. I blink in surprise but nod.

"Sure nisaan we can go someday after school...."

"Thank you Hinata sama and good night." He says smiling broadly, visibly relieved.

"Good night Neji nisaan. I should go to bed now."

Hope tomorrow will not be as eventful as today. I sigh and drift off to sleep.

Okay, so this was the first chapter!! You got some idea about the lives of Naruto and Hinata. Other characters of Naruto are there in this story.

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