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Good Morning!

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*Kayla's POV*

"Morning girls," I smile as Kaleigh and Olivia walk into the kitchen.

"It smells yummy!" Kaleigh says.

"Mmm! Now I'm really hungry!" Olivia adds.

The yummy smell was coming from the bacon, sausage, toast, and scrambled eggs. It's an old family tradition to make a big breakfast on Friday morning. When we were all younger our mum and dad would switch Fridays. You know like mum would make it one Friday and dad would make it the next? Now that we live by ourselves we switch days in between us. Today was my day.

I hand my hungry sisters their plate and sit down. They start eating and within ten minutes we were done eating. I pick up the plates and put them in the dish washer.

"What are you guys up to today?" I ask

"I have to head to the fitting studio today. I'm getting my clothes fitted for my photo shoot tomorrow. What are you doing?" answers Kaleigh

"I have to go to a photo shoot in Dublin. My flight leaves at nine but I'll be back tonight around ten."

"I'm staying home, it's my day off. Ha-ha," teased Olivia

"I know. Don't rub it in." I answer

"Fuck, Its 8:30! I have to go!" I yell as I run and get my purse. I hug my sisters good bye and head off to the air port.

When I walk outside there is a white Chevy and a driver waiting for me.

"Sorry. My phone was on silent." I tell Jake, my driver.

"Its ok. We just have to hurry." Jake states. 

*Kaleigh's POV*

I feel my phone vibrate in my hand, "Sorry. I need to take this call." I apologize to my sister. 

I step into the living room and answer the call.


"Hi, is this Kaleigh?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"This is the limo driver. I just pulled up outside your house. Are you ready?"

"Ya. I'll be out in a few."

"Okay, bye."


I hang up the phone and rush into the kitchen. I grabbed my purse from the counter and hug Olivia goodbye.

"Wait!" Olivia yelled.

"Where are you going?"

"My limo is here, I have to go."

"Okay! Bye!"

*Olivia's POV*

As Kaleigh leaves I walk over to the door and lock it behind her.

"Alone at last."

I walk to the kitchen and get a can of Pepsi. Heading up to my room I grab my phone and One Direction blanket.

"Jesus Christ! I have a ton of Twitter notifications," I say out loud.

I open my phone and click on the Twitter icon. As it loads I take a sip of my soda. When they're all loaded I see that all five boys tweeted that they are going to be in England preforming at a party tomorrow. I automatically start freaking out because we live in London! If only I could meet them.

I walk down stairs and turn on The Bachelorette, that I recorded on Monday. Finally, a day to relax.  

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