Some Short Vampire Stories

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girl loves vampire

vampire SECERTLY likes her

after ALMOST KILLING she forgives him and they fall madly in love

for some god awful reason somebody doesnt like their love and wants to kill them

now after the girl and her vampire love have either killed or driven off the hater they SHOULD live happliy ever after.......


Lets say this girls name is Annabel and this boys(vamp) name is Mason. and mason forgets to go feed on panda or something, and Annabel is trying to surprise him by hidding in his room while Mason is at a Justin Beiber consert (JK).

When Mason comes home from wherever he IS surprised so surprised he accidently punches her.

now this story has THREE endings you pick your favorite:

1)he punches her and her nose starts to bleed, therefore being a vampire and being REALLY hungery he (even though he TRIED to stop himself) sucks her blood and kills her, then he never loves again and is to roam the earth sulking in selp pity.

2) ok now you have to read #1 andget to the part where he kills her. so instead if killing her He makes her a vampire. but since you have to die first to become a vampire, well lets just say he thought she was dead for three days and almost buried her(Epic fail) so when she does wake up,(scaring mason once again) Annabel  and Mason ride off into the sunset, no just joking but they do live happily ever after.

3)ok once again back to the first on where he kills her. instead of breaking her nose, Mason manages to crush Annabels whole skull. And being the GOOD vampire he is, Mason is too apalled and mournful that he can think only of dead love than the pool of blood surrounding them.  Mason soon buries his and excuse the pun, beloved Annabel Lee,  returning only on the anniversery of her death to mourn the fatal accident that had happened.

Okay then theres alway the "I'm human, getting older, and your still young." thing:

1)so annabel and Mason in this alternet universe live hapily till annabel turns 80. Now like I said mason likes Justin beiber, but then he got over him,and now is at the 20th annual jonas brother reunion in new york. annabel is in her winter Moscow home when she has a stroke and sadly dies. Mason then comes home to the horrible sight.

2)ok so now Annabel is like 90 and one day pass on in her sleep. Mason Is Once Again Mournful, but 16 later he find this girl named Ann. the story replay its self over and over and over again. There fore Mason lives forever Annabel is a Old Soul(a Person who lives again after death.) so Mason is pretty much sad for 16 years then gets over it and loves again.

So yeah comment which is your favorite, i might add more later if i think of them.

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