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All I Ask Of You~(15)

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Due to my sophomore year quickly coming to an end, I am swamped with projects and finals and homework and reviews, so because of that I will be unable to post or write anything for a little over a week. If ever there is a break in my hectic scheduale of drivers end, job, sickness and school, I will write but I can not promise a substantal post. I'm sorry for errors in spelling and for the lack of being dedicated but I really need to keep my grades up. Please understand if I do post and it comes out like poo~ haha. Byeeeee~

^^this will be at the beginning of ALL my posts tonight not jsut this one but this is the last actual post of this story because it is COMPLETEEE

Clara Dolby's Point Of View Still

I couldn't tell when I was sleeping, or when I was awake. I remember red and blue lights, being able to move my arms but every time I tried to get up and stretch my aching body something kept me down. My neck couldn't move, and my right arm seemed frozen in burning pain.

I remember being scared because I couldn't tell where I was or what was going on, I was in and out of everything. One second I was being put on a stretcher, the next I was staring at what I could presume to be an ambulance. I kept trying to get up, insisting it was unnecessary to go through all this trouble but no one seemed to be listening.

I licked my dry lips, willing myself to stay awake. Not wanting to close my eyes again because I didn't know if it would be the last time. My body felt as light as a feather, almost as if I was suspended into air. My whole body tingled as numbness filled my body.

Suddenly a head started looming over me, making me brace myself. My whole body screamed in pain unexpectedly as I tensed my body. “Clara?” Someone asked, I tried to answer but no words came out and I felt like a fish out of water. “Don't worry Clara, you're going to be fine. You're on your way to the hospital.” If the lights weren't so bright, I might have been able to see who it was. “Please don't be in pain Clara, I'm so sorry. I love you Clara.” My head began to swim deeper into unconsciousness, and it was nothing I could fight against. The last thing I remember, unsure if it was a dream or not was a kiss on my tender forehead and someone humming 'All I Ask Of You,' which seemed to lull me to sleep.

Spencer Reid's Point Of View-

Hotch gave me a swift nod as I climbed into the ambulance behind the paramedics and the stretcher. I knew he wasn't going to be happy about the situation that played out just twenty minutes before hand, but at the moment nothing was going to keep me from Clara's side.

In the cramped space, the single paramedic stuck an IV in Clara's wrist and began taking her blood pressure. None of that stopped me from holding her hand. Her eyes kept fluttering open and closed, and just by looking at her it seemed like I felt her pain. It looked like she was so out of it that she wasn't even aware of the things the paramedic was doing to her, and I was a little thankful for that.

When the paramedic stabilized Clara, I could tell by her struggling eyes that she didn't want to sleep. Her eyes were fluttering, and she kept licking her lips. Without thinking I stood up, and placed my face unreasonably close to hers. The paramedic just stared at me, but I couldn't stop myself from staring down at her beautiful face. Even though her eyes were opening, she was not focused on anything. Her eyes were glazed over and they darted along the roof of the ambulance.

“Clara?” I knew the reason she was disoriented was the pain and the medicine to make sure she wouldn't feel it as we fought our way through the thick traffic of DC to get to the hospital. The siren was wailing loudly, and my body was shaking with excess energy. “Don't worry Clara, you're going to be fine. You're on your way to the hospital. Please don't be in pain Clara, I'm so sorry. I love you Clara.” Once the words were out, even if she couldn't see me and probably had no idea who I was, I felt foolish for saying it. It's believed that during the believed last hours of your life, needing an emotional out lit helps cope with the fact that death is approaching. Knowing this, I couldn't be sure in Clara really meant her feelings or if it was something to say to help her cope...

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