The Riders Daughter {On Hold}

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Have You ever fallen Inlove with with a Horse that much? Well 4 year old Delilah Edwards has deeply fallen inlove with a beautiful grey horse called Belle, Yet Delilah is not allowed to touch any of the horses.

Her siblings, Gemini, Luther and Bianca hate being around the horses. Harold had got many stable men and he makes sure he gets them to tell him if any of the children touch them.

Delilah tries to get to Belle but the Stable men stop her.

Follow Delilah and the racing horse Belle growing up together, finding was through life,



Heyo Guys, I will start this is August but I'm looking for a Co Writer for this book, if interested please Inbox me if you are! The first person to contact me gets de job!

If I do get someone I will be able to start this book earlier!

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