33 Fading Zen

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It's 9:15 and Louis is standing in front of the door to Harry's apartment. 

He's really not sure why he's hesitating, but he definitely knows he feels a little anxious.

He takes a breath then plasters a smile on his face and knocks on Harry's door.

Niall opens it and looks Louis up and down.  Then he smirks.

Louis self-consciously looks down his body to check and see if his fly is undone, or maybe his belt spontaneously turned into a snake or something.

He looks back up at Niall who just opens the door wider and rolls his eyes as Louis passes through the threshold. 

Harry looks up from the stove, God bless him- he's wearing an apron, and runs to gather Louis up in his arms and Niall flees to his bedroom.

Louis completely forgets about Niall anyway because this moment feels like it exists in a world only for Louis and Harry.  The familiar smell of chlorinated raspberries fills his senses and Harry's soft hair tickles his nose.  Harry's body is warm and completely covers Louis', and he loves it.

Harry adjusts his face so he's nose to nose with Louis.  "Lou, I'm so sorry.  I'm so sorry..." 

Louis shakes his head.  "It's fine.  It's okay."

Harry's hands frantically feel up and down Louis' back.  "No it's not.  I didn't mean it, I swear-"

"I know.  Shut up and kiss me alread-oomph!"  Louis' spine goes concave as Harry pulls him completely flush towards his body and Harry's tongue is in his mouth and that's the end of that.

Louis kisses back fiercely, his mind grabbing for the last time he's touched Harry like this.  The only answer he comes up with is too long ago for any sort of relevance, so he keeps kissing.

The kiss fills his body with a comfortable warmth and the heat keeps surging.  It's so hot that it's almost tangible.  Louis wonders if he's going crazy because he swears his body is being swallowed by a fire...

He's ripped from his train of thought by sprinklers in the ceiling pour down on them along with an ear piercing alarm. 

"Shit!"  Harry runs to the stove where a skillet has caught fire and is smoking.  "Niall, get the windows!"

Niall appears from where he had shut himself in his bedroom and runs around opening the windows.  Harry's waving a towel by the smoke and shuffling through items in the cupboard.

Louis' eyes go wide and he curses under his breath.  He lunges to the cabinet for a glass and fills it with water.  He's about to dump it on the skillet when Harry sees him and tackles him against the fridge.

The glass and water crash to the floor and the alarm is pounding through Louis' head.  He hardly registers Harry yelling at him.  "Louis, what the fuck?!  You can't put water on a grease fire!"

"What?!"  Louis squints his eyes at Harry.

"Help me find the baking soda!"  Harry releases Louis' arms.

"Why baking soda?!"  Water flicks off Louis's hands as he dramatically motions to the fire.  "We need to put it out!"

Harry runs a hand through his wet hair.  "Just listen to me!"

"How do we get the fucking alarm to stop?!  I can't fucking hear you!"  Louis yells at the sprinklers and gets water in his eyes.

"The alarm isn't in the sprinklers Louis!"  Harry points to where the sensor on the wall is mounted.

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