Chapter 27

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*Ajay Mehra Pov*

"You will be really fine, right?" Mom asked for the millionth time.

"I will be, Mom." I replied, smiling at her when the car stopped in front of the apartment.

"Are you sure about this?" She asked again.

"Mom! It's been ten days since I got shot. Don't worry about me." I replied and got outside the car, but didn't let the pain show on my face.

"Well let's go inside. They must be waiting." Dad said and we three started walking inside.

"You are killing me with surprise. What do you have with which she will accept for you to stay here?" Mom asked again.

"Knock the door, Dad." I said, ignoring her question.

"What are you doing here?" That's what she asked opening the door.

"Jiya! Don't talk to the guests like that. Please come in." I heard her Mom saying and we three walked in.

"Did you guys packed your luggage?" I asked her father.

"Yeah! We don't want to go, but the workers need us after so long break." He replied.

"Now you can take care of them and the company as all the property got shifted to you." Dad said to Uncle.

"What is going on?" Jiya asked.

"We are returning to Palghar." Uncle replied.

"What? But... ok then I will be there with you guys in few months after the contract." She said nodding.

"Can you all sit down?" I asked them and sat in a single chair.

"I am so excited finally to know." Aunty said, and I rolled my eyes.

"About what? What is happening?" Jiya asked us confused.

"I am going to shift here with you." I replied.

"Are you joking?" She asked, narrowing her eyes.

"You can shift with him too." Mom replied, and I glared at her.

"How can you guys allow some single man, and women stay under a roof?" Jiya asked them after a few minutes.

"We are married, Jiya." I replied.

"Yes! But that ended with one-year time already." She said frowning.

"Actually, one thing is missing." I said, rubbing my neck not knowing how to explain it.

"Look, I was your wife in that one year and then became mistress and ex-wife in your words. What is missing? As far as I know we don't need to do any other legal obligation after the signing we have done on the document before marriage." She said folding her hands.

"You are absolutely right, but one thing missed in the procedure." I said, and everyone looked at me with eyes narrowed.

"What is it?" She asked.

"The signature." I replied.

"What are you saying? I signed the papers even though I don't know about them." She said raising her voice.

"You signed them but... but I didn't." I said, and silence consumed the whole room.

"You what?" everyone asked in a whisper after a few minutes.

"I forgot to sign them, but made my lawyers to seal it. Every time I thought of signing, but something came up, and I didn't sign. I thought there is still one whole year to sign, but didn't get time to sign them at all." I replied.

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