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***four months later***


Dear Journal,

My mother is my hero. I know these past few months have been filled with romance, adventure, and lots of cold weather. But today's a beautiful day-- today would've been my one-year anniversary with Cameron, but instead, it's my parent's wedding. How sweet. At least now, we know how to remember each other's anniversary. Cam and I have only been dating for about three months, but i blame myself for dumping him for Jack, that jerk.

I gotta go Journal, the throwing of the bouquet is about to start.

P.S, I'm going on my own honeymoon with Cameron!

But relax, it's just the Poconos for a week. It's January, we must make the best of it.

Thanks for always being there Journal,


"...My mother is my hero, I never stopped loving her. We fight, cry, and may wanna pull each other's hair out, but we'll always love each other. I'm glad my mom's back. My father missed her like crazy. She needs him, and he needs her. They were meant for each other. To my parents." I said finishing my toast at the wedding. I never thought I'd see the days when my parents would get back together, but love is stronger than anything.

Soon, it was time for my parents to slow dance together, and the DJ accidently played "Stay with Me", buy Sam Smith, which is really the best song to play at a wedding, in my opinion,  but my dad is pretty cheap when it comes to hiring people. But they danced anyway, like they were the only two people on the planet.

"Madison," Cameron said tapping my shoulder, "Would you care to dance?" He said.

"Of course I would."

The End.

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