Chapter 26

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*Jiya Pov*

I shook my head and looked around to see that I am sitting in the chair which is in front of the operating theater. When did I come here?

Everything was in so rush that I didn't even know when I reached here. I glanced at my hands and saw blood on them. It is already evening, and the operation is going on.

I gulped and looked beside me to see his parents. Mrs.Joshna is crying while her husband is consoling her.

I looked ahead to see Mom with a bandage around her head and Dad is carefully holding her hand. I can see tears in their eyes, but they are stopping them.

Of course, they are shaken by today's events, but what I am feeling is the same but guilt is topping the list.

"I am sorry, Madam. If it isn't for me, then he wouldn't have been here." I slowly said.

"Don't say like that, Jiya." She said, rubbing her eyes.

"I should be the one in his place. Sahil was there to kill me and not him." I said.

"No! If it was you, then we would have lost him already along with you. Now he can fight for his life but if something had happened to you, then he wouldn't have." His father said, and I frowned at him.

"That is not fair. Because of my brother, you lost your daughter and now your son is in critical condition. You should scold me." I said shaking my head.

"We are happy that you are fine, Jiya." She said and before I could say anything, the door opened.

"He is out of danger. The bullet hit him near the rib cage, but if it had hit him near the heart, then it would have been very hard to save his life." Doctor said, and they thanked him.

The bullet was aimed at my heart, and as he is taller than me, he got hit even below that. I sighed and sat back in the chair.

I leaned back and closed my eyes when I heard they all are breathing properly now and happy.

"You both go and rest." Uncle said to my parents I guess.

"You should take rest, Vimala." Dad agreed and then I heard the footstep's leaving.

"Are you hurt anywhere dear? We forgot to ask." I heard Mrs.Joshna voice and opened my eyes.

"Just my legs, Madam." I said, and she nodded calling a nurse.

They checked them up and gave some medicine. I walked near them slowly and said, "Do you guys need anything?"

"No! Lakshmi and Ramu are going to bring food for us. He will be unconscious for few more hours and will be like that for a few days." Madam replied.

"I will take care of the office." I said and started walking away.

"Why don't you come later and meet him?" Madam asked.

"I will try, Madam." I replied gulping.

"Call me, Aunty." She said, and I nodded walking away.

I returned to the flat and saw that all the furniture from Mumbai house got transferred here.

"Dad! Why don't we put all this in my room and lock it down?" I asked him.

"But where will you sleep?" Raj asked who was busy with all this because of which he returned from the hospital immediately.

"Living room couch is fine with me." I replied, and they both started putting the things inside my room while I packed my stuff and brought them outside.

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