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warning: bad language ahead


**after school**
"It's all your fault I failed. You and Cameron are both hiding something from me and I can't take it. You two caused me to fail."
"I'm sorry babe. But I passed. I say we go out to eat or something."
"Fine." I said.

We pulled off to the gas station, and he went out to buy a gas, and some water cause my throat seemed a little dry.
"How does he expect me to just forget about all of this?" I said to myself.
Less than minute later, he got a text, it was from New York. It said: Babe, i miss you so much. Less than a week til we see each other again ;)
It kinda hurt a little bit. But I knew that this chick had the wrong number.
Before jack could return, I texted the never back.
Text this number for me around 9pm: 555-372-3728
Bet she won't even know it's me. Before Jack could return, I deleted the messages, and returned to my seat. Good thing he left his phone his unlocked.
"I'm back. I got you fruit water, and ginger ale."
"Thanks babe." I said putting the drinks in my bag. "Quick question, do you have any plans for the weekend?"
"Actually, yes. My family and I are going to New York, it should be really fun." He said smiling.
"Yeah, I bet it will be.

After getting something to eat, Jack drove me home.
"Mads, you've been acting strange all day. What's up?"

"Nothing, I'm just really gonna miss you in New York."

"Awe, I'm gonna miss you two, but it'll only be three days. I'm sure you'll find something to do. Don't you have extracurricular activities?"

"I did."

"I'm sorry babe. I'll catch you later." He said driving off.

I got in the house and headed straight upstairs to my room. Time to text this bitch.

"Okay, who is this?" I said replying back to the strange number.

"Minnie? Jack told me to text you."


"Why do you have Jack's number?"

"He's my boyfriend? Why wouldn't I have his number?"

"Boyfriend?" There it was, the secret came out, and I had to find out all on my own. "How long have you guys been dating?"

"A couple of months, but when he moved, he promised to keep a long distance relationship."

"That's all I needed to know. Bye."

I didn't want to cry, but I couldn't help it. I bawled out tears until there were no more left. How could he do this to me? I loved him so much. I ripped apart the stuffed bunny he gave me and threw it our the window. How could he lie to me? Make me feel like I was so important?

"Madison? I heard noise and--

She stopped once she saw me crying.

"What happened to you sweetie?"

"Jack cheated on me. He had a girlfriend all this time, even before he met me.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry." she said hugging me. "I know you're hurting right now, so I'm just gonna leave you alone. We'll talk another time." She said leaving.

As brave as this sounds, I went to Jack's house. I had to settle this.

"Babe, hey." He said opening the door. "Why are you crying--"

"Who is this?" I said said pausing him, showing him my phone.


"How could you do this to me?"

"You walked all the way here? Madison, it's about to rain heavy."

"So you're not denying that you cheated on her with me?" I said, trying hard not to cyr.

"Just let me explain. When I moved here, I was missing Minnie like crazy. And coincidently, you looked just like her, and had the same personality--you guys could be twins. I just really miss her.

"So I was your substitute? All this time I was just your substitute until you visit her this weekend?"

"If it makes you feel better, that means I cheated on Tess as well."

"I fucking hate, you've completed wrecked me , don't ever talk to me again!" I said throwing the necklace at him.

I ran back home, in the pouring rain. This was too unfair.

Once I got home, I threw myself into my pile of clothes on the floor. I've been so unfocused I didn't even realize how dirty my room was.

"How did I get myself into this mess?" Literally. I tried to get up out of my mountain of clothes, once I tripped over something, a box.

Cameron's gift.

"Well, I already lost Jack, and my friends. Cameron's never gonna talk to me again, so I might as well open it." I said to myself as I opened the gift.

"Madison, are you still eating dinner?" She said walking in.

"Mom, look," I told her, "Cameron made me a scrapbook."

"Honey, it's beautiful."

"It's perfect. You van see how much of his time he has put into it, it's adorable, romantic, and perfect." It isn't the best gift, but it came from his heart, and that's the greatest gift I could ever get. But Cameron is done with me, but I can't let him pass me by, not this time.

"Mom, can you do me a favor?" I said crying tears of joy.

"I'll get my keys."

The rain was pouring pretty hard, but I didn't have an umbrella. We arrived at Cameron's house minutes later.

"Mom," I said getting out of the car, "Thanks." After all the stuff I said to her, she still had my back. She didn't ground me, didn't get strict with me, or anything. Maybe having Mom back in my life wasn't a bad idea after all.

This was now or never, I rang the doorbell, waiting for whoever it was that was gonna open the door.

"Madison? What are you doing here? It's raining awfully heavy--

I kissed him, shutting him up before he could continue.

"What was that for?"

"It's you, it's always been you. I can't believe I left you for that jerk."

"I'm sorry he was cheating, but what about my gift?"

"I just opened it. I love it. I cried tears of joy. Cameron, I love you."


"Just shut up and kiss me." I said kissing him, as the rain began to stop.

The world makes sense again.


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