Unexpected help and trouble

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So this would be chapter 6! Because I'm writing this from my phone i don't know how to bold this part... Sorry... Anyway! Enjoy

-Alfea, Faragonda's office-

"Girls its just too dangerous to go out there alone. Those witches could have set traps or anything else that could cause you harm. I can't allow you to go." Mrs. Faragonda said.

"But-!" Stella started to protest but Mrs. Faragonda held up a hand.

"You didn't let me finish. I can't allow you to go. Unless you take the boys with you." She added.

"Oh... Okay! Will do!" Stella exclaimed, happy to be able to see her boyfriend again.

All the girls smiled, at the thought of the boys. They all said their goodbyes to Mrs. Faragonda and filed out the door to call the boys.

-in front of Alfea-

Techna looked at her watch and sighed. "The boys were supposed to be here two minutes ago."

Musa shrugged her shoulders and looked to the gates of the school. "I'm sure they will be here soon."

Not a few seconds after she said that the boys rode in on their scooters (is that what they call them?) and jumped off, the couples coming together and having happy reunitings. Helia looked around for Flora and started to get upset.

"Where's Flora?! Is she alright?!* He exclaimed looking to Bloom, who hung her head sadly and turned to him.

"Well... Flora was kidnapped by the Trix and taken to Lynphea... They plan to steal her magic to make them really strong..." Bloom said and Helia started to grow angry.

"Well lets go get them!" He snarled and started for his scooter when Timmy stopped him.

"According to my technology. It would be wiser to gather supplies and come up with a plan before diving head first into the problem." Timmy said gently and Techna nodded.

"Timmy is right... We must prepare first." She said.

The boys and the girls all nodded and jogged into one of the dorms to quickly gather supplies.


I awoke to stinging pain, which I kinda expected so the Trix were only rewarded a flinch and a wince.

"So you're finally awake huh fairy?" Darcy sneered and laughed. I frowned at her and noticed that I was no longer bound to a rock, but instead there was a dog collar like thing around my neck. I sat up and felt it with my fingers, confused. Icy laughed coldly and walked up to me, sneering down at me.

"You must be wondering what that is right?" She said and I scrambled to my feet, ready to fight. She just cackled evilly and held up a remote. "That 'collar' is a kind of shock collar. If you try to leave this cave, you get shocked. You try to attack one of us, we press the button and you get shocked. Try to use your magic, and you get shocked." I listened but gathered some nature energy into a ball in my hand.

"I-I dont quite believe you..." I stammered and threw the energy at Icy. Icy laughed and pressed the button on the remote. Immediately, electricity cursed through me and I let out a scream of pain, collapsing on the floor as I twitch until the electricity dies away and I lay panting. The Trix laughed and I manage to raise myself onto one arm. Stormy saunters over to me and Icy and smirks at me.

"We can also press the button whenever we feel like." She said and reached over, pressing the button. My arm gives out and my cheek painfully smacks the floor as I scream from the electricity. All three witches laugh again and start to walk away.

"So just be a good little fairy and stay put will you?" Icy said as the three witches disappeared towards the tunnel that lead to the outside world. I lay in the same position, tears leaking down my face and I cry myself back to sleep, praying that my friends find me soon.

-outside Alfea-

All the girls and guys are filing into the boys ship, Techna and Timmy checking the gadgets as the others finish making the plans.

"Okay. So lets go over it again." Bloom exclaimed.

"Blooooom... We've gone over it 4 times now... We should all know it by now." Stella groaned, studying her nails.

"Then what's your job Stella?" Musa smirked as Stella drew a blank, and Stella blushed.

"M-Maybe we should go over it again..." Stella nervously laughed. Bloom rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Okay... Lets go over it again." Bloom sighed. "First the the boys, minus Helia, will distract the Trix. Then Stella, me, Layla, and Helia will sneak in and get Flora. The others can cover our backs for any unseen dangers. Got it?" Her question was followed by a chorus of yesses and yeahs and she smiled satisfied. It was not two seconds later that alarms sounded off in the ship, red lights flashing everywhere.

"What's going on?!" Layla exclaimed and everyone grabbed onto something that was stationary as the ship pitched hard to the right.

"It seems that we hit some sort of magical abrasion in the area!" Timmy shouted over the noise.

"English please!" Stella  shouted.

"We were attacked by magic!" Techna exclaimed and was about to say something else when the ship crashed, everyone flying through the air and hitting things around the ship. In a matter of seconds the sounds died out and the blacked out heroes were surrounded by darkness and silence.

Welp! That's chapter 6! Hope those of you who were waiting for this chapter enjoyed it!

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