Just The Beginning

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The smell of iron was sharp. My senses perked up and I could hear muffled yells coming from downstairs. I shot up in bed and walked slowly toward the door. I turned the knob and I felt the flaming heat on my face. It was a dream, I knew it already. I was only dreaming...yet I couldn't will myself to wake up. I couldn't even will myself to stay in one spot. I had no control of my body as I walked out of my room and into the hallway which now looked like it was just made of flames. When I felt a something wet drip down my face, I raised my hand to my face and smeared the liquid across my cheek. I looked down at my fingers and saw it was blood. This caused me to look up and when I did, I saw my sister...pinned to the ceiling...blood falling from her mouth with her stomach bleeding as well...and she was engulfed in flames. It was a dream. I knew it was a dream. But even though I knew this was a dream, it did not stop the scream from emitting deep within my throat. I grabbed my rifle from behind my door and raced downstairs knowing full well what I would find.

The laughing wouldn't stop...with every step I took it got louder and louder...like this was some kind of sick joke...

I wish I had stayed in bed.

Blood was splattered on the walls, dripping down into massive puddles on the floor...there was nothing else...just blood, smoke and fire. The smell of the blood was so erratic, it was giving me chills and I almost puked. I didn't even like the sight of my own blood. But I continued to just stand there, mortified at the sight. Then I felt more drops fall onto my face so I looked up, hesitantly and there...my step-mom and dad were pinned...bleeding just the way my sister had been in the hallway outside my bedroom. Then...I could've sworn I saw my father have a tear slide down his cheek...and that fell onto my face as well, mixing in with the blood streak that flowed down my chin...and then they were engulfed in the flames and I shrieked.

I shot up in bed, roughly throwing the covers to the floor in the process as I went to wipe the sweat off my face and onto the already drenched sheets. Then, I just sat there for a long moment, allowing my heart rate to slow while I struggled to catch my breath.

"You okay? You had another nightmare" Brittney acknowledged as she came out of the bathroom in a towel and gestured to the ruined sheets.

Seeing her face made me calm down a little faster because it gave me reassurance letting me know I wasn't dreaming anymore. Brittney was my family now and she always as been. We've been friends since...well since she was born 3 years after I was. Our parents were friends...my sister looked up to her and my father treated her like she was his own...and in the blink of an eye...our family...our entire lives and everything we thought we knew...it was all gone. She's all I have...and I'm all she has.

To make a long story short, a demon decided to have a field day, altering our lives in the worst way possible by murdering the people we loved. All my life I grew up as my father's prodigy. He was the best of the best and I had a pretty okay life. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't perfect. I never liked hunting, and I never liked the idea of having the power to spill blood, I still don't. But I had big shoes to fill. People were expecting things of me. My father...he was the best dad ever. We had a kind of bond that no one understood. He took me on these crazy ass cases...but nothing too extreme for me. We hunted together. I usually just helped with the wounds of the people we saved and I helped with keeping them safe as he took care of the rest. I never liked the idea of killing something...even if it was evil, a killer, and deserved to die, I just never had it in me to finish the job. But things change and I had to grow up, especially since Brit needed me more than ever. Hesitation was not an option anymore.

And then that's where Brit comes in. She wasn't always a hunter...but two years ago...when the incident happened...she just turned 18 and I was 22 so I taught her everything I knew on how to hunt. It's just funny because even though I'm this "prodigy" she's the one who adapted so quickly to life on the road and she's usually the one who deals with the stabbing and the blood splatter. I just handle the shotguns.

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