Tour time!!! Chp 7

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The boys went home at about midnight last night, finally.

Suddenly my phone rang with an private number, being the stupid person I am, I answered,

"Hello?" I said

"Lexi White?" A fake dark Vadar voice said. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah Justin?" I said smiling.

"Maybe." He replied his voice getting back to his normal self.

I laughed.

"Anyways! I wanted to ask you if your happy?" He said.

"Uhh for what??" I asked curiously.

"Nicole didn't tell you?!" He asked with worry in his voice.

"Hmm no?" I said confused.

"Listen just pack all your clothes and everything you would wanna have with you for the next 9 months!!" Justin said in a rush.

"Why?!" I asked with worry in MY voice this time.

"Just do it!!" He said.

"I'm not doing it until I know why !" I said before hanging up.

I got out a couple suitcases out and packed all my jeans, leggings, dresses, tshirts, nice shirts, bathing suits, everything.

In my second suitcase I packed allllllll my shoes. ALL of them. Which was ALOT.

In my third I just packed like pictures, blankets, pillows, magizenes, a couple old iPods, and some books and movies.

Then I just got a little tote and put my

IPhone, Dr. Drew beats, 2 seventeen magizenes, and a couple other things.

Done. But of course, Justin didn't know that.

I called Justin back.

"Hello?" a voice answered.

"Hi, is Justin there?" I said knowing it was Chaz or Ryan.

"Ahh maybe... What's the password?" the voice said. Yep, definatly Chaz.

"DUDE GIMMIE THE STUPID PHONE!!" I heard a voice yell. Justin.

I think they wresteled for it but I'm not positive.

Finally I heard Ryan say "Sorry they are wrest-" then a thud and a scream. I chuckeled.

Finally Finally FINALLY I heard Justin say "HELLO??"

"Uh hi Justin? It's Lexi" I said

"Oh hey Lex what's up?" he said.

"Why do I need to pack?..." I said still confused.

"We'll be at your house in 5!" Justin said like it was nothing.

"Yeah sure." I said.

I dragged all my stuff downstairs and saw Nicole carrying 4 suitcases.

"Nicole! WHERE ARE WE GOING?" I asked her.

"You will find out" she simplily replied.

"UGH!" I let out a grunt/sigh sort of thing.

Someone covered my eyes.

"Someone need a hug?" I heard Christians voice say.

"CHRISTIANNN!" I said while hugging him.

"LEXIIIIII!" He said back.

"Okay now tell me why I needed to pack!!" I said returning to normal mood.

"Come here." Christian said leading me to where everyone else was.

"Now someone tell me WHY!!!" i said.

"Lex, calm down!" Christian said pulling me down next to him

I nodded.

"Well Lex, you, me, Margie, and Sophie are all going on tour with Justin, Chaz, Christian, and Ryan." Kelsi said sitting next to Justin. (A/N Im editing this story- so Margie and Sophie are Nicoles best friends. Chaz, Ryan, and Christian are Justins)

I froze.


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