Sparks Fly... Chp 6

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Chirstian and Lexi really hit it off. They started talking after he got here and I could hear them outside.

I walked over to Nicole and smiled. "HI" I said.

"Why hello there Mr. Bieber" She said back.

"Whatcha dooooinggggg" I dragged out the word.

"Nothing really.. Just sitting by the pool I guess?" She smiled.

I smirked and picked her up.

"Justin.. whatare you doing.. OH NO! YOU BETTER PUT ME DOWN!!" She screamed as I walked toward the pool.

"Don't think so" I said laughing.


I laughed as were talking pictures on my laptop. I smiled and kissed her cheek in one. She smiled and took the picture.

I logged onto twitter and posted the picture.

@lexiwhite having an amazing day with this girl.

I instantly got tons of replies.

@littlecbealdles Is she your girlfriend?

@littlecbeadles super cute!

@littlecbealdes i dont like her already.

A couple more like that. Oh well. Haters gonna hate. I saw Lexi's face freeze as she got hate tweets.

"Lexi.. Please don't listen to them." I wrapped my arm around her.

"How can I not listen to them?" She looked at me.

"Trust me, it's not worth paying attention too." He smiled at me.

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