Chapter 2

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Avoiding Louis isn’t much of an option. Now Harry wouldn’t mind just catching glimpses of the man whenever he is in the daycare, but he definitely  minds doing their grocery shopping together.

Basically when Harry and Darcy were grocery shopping they run into Stan and Louis, whom Darcy refuses to let go of. Harry gets on his knees and try to reason with her, but she is not going to listen to him because he won’t buy her chocolate-flavored cereal.

Harry tries hard but it doesn’t work; Stan being a tad bid annoyed by the whole situation doesn’t help either.

“Darcy, lovely you know chocolate cereal is bad for your teeth” Louis ruffles her curls. “You can’t be my little princess if you get cavities”

Darcy pouts her father-inherited’s lips at her teacher, “but I don’t like oatmeal. We only have oatmeal or eggs”

Louis taps a finger on her lips till she stops pouting. “Your father doesn’t make you pancakes?”

She shakes her curls.

Louis gazes at Harry for a second then looks back the little version of him, “Demand that daddy makes you pancakes. He makes them really good”

“Daddy, You never make pancakes” Darcy lets go of Louis’s hand and holds on to Harry’s pants instead, looking up to him.

There is a long silence and an uncomfortable exchange of glances between Harry and Louis. He can’t make her pancakes. They are Louis’s. He made Louis pancakes on all of their anniversaries. It’s was tradition. Harry swallowed a lump in his throat. A tradition, that didn’t mean anything to Louis anymore. So Harry looks from Louis down to Darcy “Daddy will make you some tomorrow”


When Harry has to settle some work back in London with no prior notice, Anne is visiting a friend and Jay has a shift in the hospital so they can’t take Darcy off his hands. Harry knows better than to leave her with Zayn, especially that when he called him last night what he heard on the line didn’t do much to hide what’s he’s doing with god knows who.

So Harry decides that he is taking Darcy with him, which means that he has to pick her up from day care even though he dropped less than an hour ago.

When he gets there, Grace is nowhere to be found so he finds his way to Darcy’s classroom. He peaks from the glass door to find all the kids laying down and staring at the stars hanging from the ceiling. Louis is laying the middle with Darcy’s head on his shoulder. This man is angel to be able to look at her with anything but pure love and care. The kids tell Louis how if you connect this star with that one you’ll get a fish and the ones next to them make a cat face. Harry smiles are how that was a typical spring break for the two, lying under the stars on some roof after they abounded a party that will never be as good as each other’s company.

Harry takes a breath and steps in and singles Louis to come over.

The teacher tells the children to search for more shapes till he comes back.

“What’s going on?” Louis sounds alarmed. It’s always worrisome when a parent comes in, in the middle of morning.

“Nothing. I just have some urgent business to take care of back in London. I can’t leave Darcy by herself, so I’m taking her with me” Harry tells him trying to locate Darcy’s cat shaped bag among all the superheroes ones.

“Can’t Anne or mum pick her up?” Louis asks him.

“No, they are both busy and this was sudden so I couldn’t really come up with a plan” Harry shrugs.

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