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Johnson's Pov:

Me: Hey Gilinsky where do we meet for our date today?

Gilinsky❤️: After school come to my locker and I'll take you home like our first date.

Me: Ok 👋🏼

Gilinsky❤️: 👋🏼👋🏼😈

I giggle and stick my phone back into my hoodie pocket. I look up to see Mrs.Martinez giving a lecture about some shit I don't give a fuck about.

I'm zoned out when I hear a ruler slap on a desk. I look up an see a ruler on Jack's desk with the teacher in front of him.

"Jack can you repeat everything I just said?"

"Uh...I'm sorry Mrs.Martinez I was zoned out thinking of someone." He looks at me and winks.

"Jack stay after class I need to talk to you."

He just nods.

It was the after class and I go to my locker shoving everything in there. I walk to Jack's locker hoping he'd be done with Mrs.Martinez.

*Five minutes later*

I'm leaned up agains Jack's locker my back facing the front hallway.

"Hey cutie." I feel someone wrap there arms around me.

I turn around an see Jack.

"Hey G so what did Martinez want?"

"Oh nothing she just said that if I keep zoning out that she'll have to fail me." He says rolling his eyes.

"Jack you need to pass this year so please start paying more attention!" I say as he slams his locker closed.

He nods his head.

We walk to his jeep.

He drops me off and I scurry into my house and up the stairs. I text Jack that if he gets bored just to come in.

I throw some random clothes that I found in my closet.

*Outfit above or to the side*

I walk into my personal bathroom and slide a comb through my hair a couple times.

I hear the door open an someone come in. Assuming it's Jack I walk downstairs.

"Jack I'm re-"

I cut myself off seeing my mom standing there with a gun in one hand and a empty beer bottle in the other.

"Mom what are you doing

She lifts up the gun and points at me.

"You- you are the reason he's gone! If you weren't born than none of this would've happened" she screams through tears.

"Mom put the gun down" I say surprisingly calmly.

"NO YOU ARE THE REASON HE LEFT ME" she lets out a sob and collapses on the floor letting the gun fall at my feet.

The door opens again but this time it's Jack.

"Is everything alright I heated screm-"

He stops looking at the picture right in front of him

I run up to him kicking the gun under something.


He just nods not asking questions.


The police arrive and let us go once I tell them everything since my birth till now.

It's about 9:30 at night and me and Jack are in his car driving to his house.

It's silent and I hate it.

We arrive at his house

"I'm sorry I ruined our date"I say shyly looking down as we walk into his massive house.

He turns towards closes the door an engulfs me into a huge hug.

"Oh my gosh I was so worried when I seen your mom go in with a beer can then when I walked in thee was a gun and I don't know I'm just so glad you're okay!"

He picks me up and spins me around still hugging me tightly.

"Jack I'm alright she was just drunk like always." I mutter to him.

"J you're not going back to that house it's not safe for you there!"

Hi slayers how's everyone? So like its 5:00 in the morning and I'm writing this for y'all so you guys need to love me if I'm staying up this late to write for you😂👏🏼
Anywhore, Book Recommendation For Today Is...
The Hit List By @/Gilinskers
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