Oh my baby! (A lesbian Megan and Liz fan fiction)

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Captor 2


They helped me up, but I was paralyzed, I couldn´t move.

Megan´s room was the one closest to the bathroom so we went in there and I passed out on the bed.

The next thing I remember is that I woke up, I am still in Megan’s bed, I look at the clock, it´s 3 in the morning.

I turn and Liz is looking at me, “I am going to my own room, go back to sleep” she said and kissed my forehead and leave the room.

I turn and see Megan, she is sleeping, she looks so beautiful and peaceful in her sleep, I put my head on her stomach and she kisses my hair.

The next morning I wake up and the bed is empty, I thought it was a dream, until I find a note on the pillow saying: Good morning sunshine, I had some things to do and Liz is out to, but I will be back at noon I promise. –M

I can see that it is Megan´s handwriting, I love it, it is so beautiful.

I got up and went to the bathroom to get a shower, when I was done I wrapped a towel around me and went to my room to get some cloth.

I feel arms around my waist and I turn around and is surprised to see Megan standing behind me with her arms around me.

I turn around to face her, but she doesn’t let go of me.

I look in to her big brown eyes, I just love her eyes, stop doing that.

After what seemed a very long time without saying anything, Megan moves closer to me.

“Megan, what are you doin….” I get interrupted when our lips meet and she kisses me.

At first I was shocked but then after a couple of minutes, I close my eyes and kiss her back.

So this is captor 2 let me know what you think!

Love Natasia.

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