Chapter Six

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"So truth or dare?" said Tiffany.

We were all in gym, and the teacher was sick and shit. And there wasn't even a sub, so it just us teenagers in the gym alone. Tiffany decided to play truth or dare, which everyone have to participate into. Yeah me!

"Jasmine, truth or dare?" she ask again. I swallow and look at the big circle, as we sit on the floor. I swallow deeply, I was planning on backing out but it seem like that won't happen.

"Truth" she giggle.

"Nope you pick truth three times, so now you have to do some dares" I felt my palm start to sweat, heck I hate this game. Cause you never know what the heck, Tiffany have up her sleeves and honestly I don't even want to know. I wish I could get out of here, but it won't be easy as I thought.

"Okay then" I quietly said. I look down at my hands, didn't really wanna see her face.

Matter fact I didn't want to see anyone face.

"I dare you to kiss Blake on the lips" I shot my head up and so as everyone who gasp. I look to see Blake next to her, have a blank face on. Nope no way I'm kissing him, even though I still have butterflies in my stomach everytime I heard his name.

"Nope I don't want to" Everyone turn their attention to me, yeah I didn't want to kiss him. I rather kiss someone who really want me to kiss them, but him not in a million years.

"You don't have a fucking choice Jasmine, it a dare since everyone do theirs" I shake my head.

"Nope and that final, and beside your the only one who didn't do a dare. So why don't you do my dare and fucking kissing him yourself" People gasp and others start chuckling, I see Tiffany face turn red as she glare at me. Blake on the other hand smirk, I sighed and get up off the ground and grab my stuff.

I so rather go home than be here.

I walk slowly in the hallway, the period wasn't going to be over till next 20 minutes or so and I'm sure as hell ain't going back in that fucking gym.

"You know William, you really know how to tease a woman" I stop in my tracks, William.

"Carla, we are on school property and you have to be professional" said a deep voice. That same voice who sweet me out of underwear, that same voice who made me lose my virginity. And that same voice, somehow is making me have mixed feelings. And it was no other than William...

"Oh William, it really haven't been the same since my husband passed away.And for some reason you remind me of him, and I miss his kisses and the way his hand caress my body" she spoke.  I lean up against the wall, really didn't want to blow my cover or anything.

"Well I'm sorry to hear about that Carla, but I'm not single" I rolled my eyes and sigh, so he walk around and take young girls virginity hmm?

"Is she more beautiful than I am?" I sighed women would really do anything to know, about a man lover or something.

"She is very beautiful,seem like everytime I look at her I feel happy. She is so beautiful, that nothing in this world could ever compare to her beauty" Lucky woman she is.  The lady giggle.

"And what is her name?" Yeah what is her name William, cause I would love to know too.

"Her name-

"Hey Jasmine what are you doing?" I jump a little and turn around to see Aiden standing there, with two other guys behind him. I quickly tell him to be quiet, but he didn't care.

"Who you hiding from, someone try to fuck with you are something?" he kinda shouted. I let out a sigh and face palm myself, yup they going to know someone was listening. I look at Aiden who eyes were kind of red, and to think of it this punk was smoking.

"You smell like weed" he laugh and rest both his hands on  my waist and pull me closer to him.

"Can't I smoke you too?" he laughed and so did his friends, and I couldn't help but chuckle also.

"What is going on right here?" said a deep voice. I hold my breath, cause I know that voice from anywhere. And he was right behind me, Aiden release my waist and I came to his side. Which lead to him throwing his arm around my shoulders.

"Nothing we were just walking, since the bell soon ring" I look down at my feet, I really didn't want to look in his face. I know he was staring at me, and it felt fucking uncomfortable.

"You do know students, not suppose to leave their classes right Jasmine" he sorted growled at me. I rolled my eyes, hate when I'm on spot like that. Then this fucking pain came again, gosh why now why here. My body was starting to heat up, and I felt like I couldn't breathe again.

"You guys go back to class, Ms.Jasmine have detention with me anyway" My lips were seal, somehow I have an hard time breathing. I felt Aiden's hand drop to his side.

"Jasmine I catch you around okay babe" I nodded and he kiss my cheek, and then him and his friends took off., why would he do that in front of Mr. William.

"Jasmine my room now!" he screamed. Which seem to echo throughout the whole hallway. I was in so much pain, that I didn't even try to argue I just quickly walk in his classroom.

I walk in slowly as I try to catch my breath, but it seem impossible. I heard the door slam, and I kind of jump a little.

"Why the fuck he kiss you?!" he shouted. I turn around and look at him, as he lean up on the door. Both arms crossed and press against his chest, I stare at him as it was harder for me to breathe and the heat increase.

"Aren't you going to say something Jasmine, you don't-"

"Kiss me" I said. Yeah he was shocked by my words, but at that moment I need him and I want him more than anything right now. Before I know it his lips crashed on mines, and it was more like a force which I enjoy the best. He lift me with no struggles, as I quickly wrap my legs around his waist. He push me on his desk, and we still didn't break the kiss. I want him now, I need it now.

I rub my hands all over his back, as I rest both of them on his button shirt. I didn't bother unbutton them one by one, instead I ripped it open. I break the kiss as I look at his bare chest, we were both breathing hard. He then retreat to my neck, as he kiss the part which he bite me few weeks ago. I close my eyes as his tongue connect with my skin.

So much for needing space.

"I love you"

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