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Eliza Pov
I was five minutes late to class because Mason decided to make pancakes in the morning and almost set the house on fire. I think he was trying to make up for last night. After I helped clean up the kitchen I raced up stairs, brushed my hair out, put on some tight skinny jeans, my combat boots with a 5 seconds of summer T- shirt. I grabbed my bag and pulled Mason out the door and we sped to Jackson High.

I had completely forgotten that the Falcons were coming today. When I got to my history class everybody was already paired up and looked quite uncomfortable. I handed my tardy slip to Mr. Reed and he looked down at his clip board.

"Eliza, your partner is..." He lifted his head and scanned the room."...oddly not here," he said.
"Carlos!?" Mr. Reed called out. I swear every Falcon head snapped to Mr. Reed. My partner is a guy? Mason is gonna flip.

It was so interesting to see their gold skin amongst our bland skin tones. A Falcon in the front spoke up.

"He's late. In fact you should just expect him to be late everyday," he said casually.

"Being late is unacceptable. I will not allow such behavior from anyone,"he snapped.
"Take a seat," he said to me. My partner was gone for the whole class period and now its lunch and I'm pissed.

When that Falcon asshole comes to school I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind. I spotted Gianna's bright red hair at our usual table chatting away with her Falcon partner, a tall blonde. I sat at the table and smiled at them.

"Eliza, hey this is my partner and new friend Lacy, Lacy this is my best friend Eliza," she said.

"Hi, welcome to Jackson high and ugh well...earth," I said. Gianna elbowed me but Lacy laughed.

"Thanks," she said then frowned looking around. " Where's your partner?" she asked. I huffed I was hoping no one would ask. I picked up the cupcake from Gianna's plate and devoured it in two bites.

"Ugh, I don't know, not here I guess. Someone said he'll be late every day," I admitted as I wiped the frosting from my cheek. That was delicious. Lucy gasped.

"Your partner is Prince Carlos!" she said. Oh. I probably should have made that connection in class. I've never seen the Prince before although his status is legendary. A bad boy that does whatever the hell he wants. Great just my luck.

"You are so lucky. You get to be partners with The prince!" she squealed. Goodness her and Gianna will get along just fine cause they are both crazy. I noticed I got some stares from people ease-dropping and my face turned red.

"How do you know that's him, just because he's late that doesn't mean that he's my partner. I mean anyone could be late..." I said rambling. Please, Please tell me that it is not true. I don't want that kind of attention. I just started opening up to people again!

"Because King Darius made it clear to everyone that they are to be on time and no one would dare disobey...except Prince Carlos," she said matter of fact. I was suddenly nervous. Gianna on the other hand was jumping in her seat in excitement.

"I'm gonna head to the library. See you guys later. It was nice meeting you Lucy," I said and bolted out. When I was half way down the hall, I heard quick footsteps behind me and before I could turn I was suddenly slammed into the lockers. I groaned in pain and my head started pounding.

My attacker put his head at the crook of my neck."Hey Kitten, I've been waiting for the right moment to pick up where we left off," he whispered harshly in my ear. Kitten? Fuck.

"Ashton," I gasped out. His forearm was against my neck crushing me to the lockers. He pulled away from my ear and I saw the malicious smirk on his face. And a look of cruel recklessness in his eyes. He began rubbing up against me as I fought to breath. Low on oxygen, I did my best to think and suddenly my survival instincts kicked in. As he pressed his lips to mine I bit down on his lip, hard.

He let out a grunt and pulled back, giving me the chance to head bud him. My brother had taught me some moves but that was one I never quite mastered so I felt dizzy. Every instinct told me to run but I could hardly stand. I would call out for help but it felt like my wind pipes were crushed. I was alone. Oh my god. I'm being attacked. Is Ashton trying to kill me? My thoughts were incoherant. But I mentally squared my soilders. I cannot let him win.

As he regained his balance a fierce anger flashed in his eyes." You fucking bitch, you're not gonna get away with that," he said.

Still struggling to breath and feeling dizzy I said, " Come at me you fucker." His face twisted at my audacity. He advanced on me and right when I thought I was a goner something slammed into him and sent him flying down the hall. In his place was..no It can't be. My mystery kisser?

His whole body radiated anger and violence. He wore a black leather jacket, black jeans, and the same boots I saw him in last time. My legs began to feel like jelly and I used the locker to help me stand. I touched my forehead and found blood on my finger tips. I heard some commotion and grunts and moans of pain but my vision was too blurry to see. I moaned out as a wave of pain went through my head and suddenly everything went quiet.

My legs buckled and right before I hit the ground a strong pair of arms grabbed me and held me bridal style. I looked up at his beautiful golden face and deep blue eyes. His face was full of concern and I would have been touched if I wasn't trying to maintain consciousness.

"I'm gonna kill that fucker," he said under his breath. He noticed me starring. "Hey partner you have a mean head bud," he said brushing the hair out of my eyes. He began walking, carrying me like like I weighed a feather. My vision blurred. "Hey, hey stay awake Cupcake,"he said. My thoughts started blurring together. What did he do to Ashton? Cupcake? Hugh I had one of those today. Wait did he say partner?

"Prince Carlos?" I asked. He signed.

"Well shit, I was hoping no one had told you about me,"he said.

"You're Prince Carlos. My partner is Prince Carlos," I said. He grinned down at me and continued to walk down the hall.

"The one and only," said Carlos.

"Fuck my life," I said. I heard him curse as my eyes rolled up and I blacked out in his arms.

What do you guys think so far? I update twice a week! Don't worry Eliza and Carlos we'll be seeing alot more of eachother :-* Love, Madamtwerksalot

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