A Cry from Daybreak Ruins

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As soon as we crossed the bridge to Mitonga Island, we started asking if anybody needed assistance or if they knew where we could locate a Vet. No luck so far.

We checked up on Rand, Murph, and the others and they seemed to be making very slow progress on fixing the boat. We didn't tell them about Faldera Volcano yet because they were working and needed to stay focused.

We were about to continue our patrol when a woman met us at the dock.

"Rangers!" She panted, bending over to catch her breath. "I need your help!"

Me and Ben exchanged glances before she continued.

"My husband takes his daily walks up at the Daybreak Ruins and he saw that part of the ruins collapsed! My husband said he heard some poor Pokemon's cries, and if you could just investigate that for me to give me some piece of mind, I'd appreciate that a lot." The woman said, trying to speak in between bated breaths.

"We gladly accept your quest." Me and Ben said simultaneously.

The woman blinked. "Hurry, please."

Ben scooped me up and started off towards the Daybreak ruins. I crossed my arms and glared at his goofy grin.

"Why must you do this every time someone says 'hurry'?" I grumbled.

"Because, Summer, you're too slow!" He teased.

I rolled my eyes and kept my eyes focused behind us to look out for Yuka. She was actually keeping up with Ben at a reasonable pace.

Ben set me down outside the entrance to the ruins. As soon as my feet hit solid ground, I thumped his forehead.

"I couldn't feel a thing." Ben stated, as if revelling in my frustration.

Groaning, I made my into the ancient structure.

"So, we should be careful. If part of the ruins has collapsed twice within a week, then it's bound to happen again if we're not careful." I inferred.

Ben gave me a salute. "Aye Aye, Captain Little Bit!"

I rolled my eyes again for the umpteenth time today.

We walked into a larger room that I remember walking into with Blue Eyes. Speaking of Blue Eyes, she's really not that bad of a person. She just had different ideals, if you want to know the truth. Of course, those ideals were horrible and I'm pretty sure that Blue Eyes knew that... I'm just making her sound like an even worse person with my words, aren't I?

What I'm trying to say is that it took Blue Eyes being demoted to realize that what the Pinchers were doing was wrong. At least, that's what I hoped had happened. Y'know, if you think about it, Blue Eyes was just probably getting back at the team that betrayed her by sending us after them...

I like to pretend that Blue Eyes saw the error of her ways. Call me crazy, but I want to believe that there was a conscience telling Blue Eyes that she needed to change and she was trying to help us out. Who knows? If she is trying to reform, maybe she'd go to Ranger School. After all, she's still fairly young and Blue Eyes did say she used to look up to and want to be a Ranger!

I focused back onto the present after I remembered our current quest. The room branched off into two separate wings and I could hear the faint cries of Pokemon in distress.

"Ben, did you hear that?"

"Vaguely." He answered. His face was serious, as it was whenever we embarked on a serious mission. "Pokemon cries?" He asked.

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