Chapter 8 - Mind Games (ARK)

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"Hello children." a voice boomed out from nowhere in particular. "I suppose you're wondering what caused this zombie apocalypse."

"Well actually we decided to leave that alone." I replied.

"Yea, they always skim over it in the movies." added Saul.

"OK, but I suppose you're wondering what's happening with the blackouts."

"Actually that's kinda been explained to us."

"Well what about the blackouts within blackouts?"

"Yea, that's kinda where our problem lies. You see, we have no idea what's real or fake anymore."

"Well that's bad but the good thing is zombies can only ever do a blackout within a blackout at the most, and even then they need tonnes of zombies around to do it."

"Wait, you want to help us?"

"This might be confusing for you. Hold on a second." Then everything faded away.


Suddenly, everything faded back. Well, kinda everything. It was still everything, just a different everything. Lifetime and space had changed. Either that or we had moved. Anyway, I was in a black leather recliner with wires attaching to cotton buds which were connected the the underside of the chair. A man was unhooking the buds, which I could now see were on helmets, from Saul's head. Becca helped me up and I looked at my surroundings. I was in a circular room with a machine in the middle. Wires ran from it to twelve recliners which were circled around the machines.

"Woah.. That is so Matrix**.." I said in awe.

The man grinned. "That was my first reaction when I was brought here." He was tall and muscular. He had spiked brown hear and a few scars on his face.He was wearing a black leather jacket, blacks t-shirt, black jeans and bright blue vans*^ which kinda ruined the badass look the man had.*• "This may be confusing for you." He spoke in a rough Brooklyn accent. "You actually arrived here a couple of hours ago. We put you in a training exercise and taught you how to deal with pressure and what to do in the event of a blackout."

"What, so we haven't actually seen any zombies yet?" asked Saul.

"Actually we encountered some just outside the airport." replied Becca.

"Does anyone know where the hell all the people went though?" I asked.

"All in good time my friend. All in good time." said the man. "Oh and I'm Tag, by the way."

"Brains to meat you." I replied.

"Umm.. Sure kid." Tag said unsurely. "Anyway, welcome to ARK."


**The Matrix trilogy is a set of movies connected in characters and storyline which consists of a fake reality (The Matrix) that was created by machines withe Artificial Intelligence. While in the Matrix, it's set in the modern day. While in reality, it's set a couple of hundred years in the future.

*^A brand of shoes.

*•From time to time I may do a couple of descriptions but you can still use your imagination.

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