Life Rant #1 (aka Me Geeking out about Soundtrack music)

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*sighs* I'm majorly stressed right now OH MY GOD

An essay to write for English.

An project proposal in Humanities.


Another journal entry for Humanities.

And I'm barely going to be able to register for the classes I want for next quarter fml

And on the sixth day of Thanksgiving, my college gave to me......

In other news, me and the rest of the anime/comic club have finished watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion AND HOLY SHIT

I might make a rant about Puella Magi Madoka Magica next at some point because Kyubey had me legit screaming YOU FREAKING A-HOLE at the screen when I was at home (Eh, I'll spoil everything in the rant but for now, might as well keep the mystery.)

Seeing the ending for season one of Tokyo Ghoul for a second time was hard to stomach even though Kaneki kicked Jason's arse like it was nothing at the end AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Like seriously, SAO is crap (well, season two). The soundtrack for the ever loving series is absolute beauty and epic rolled in one.

(On a sidenote, It's funny how people on YouTube are comparing the music for Puella Magi Madoka Magica to Fate/Zero. It's ironically funny because Yuki Kajiura did both of them. I would know this seeing that I have the soundtrack for both Fate/Zero and PMMM on my iPod.)

I noticed that the composer for seasons one and two of Kuroshitsuji are different from the Book of Circus. Well, they did change composers AHAHA I like both of them and I was rereading the Ship Voyage arc of the manga. God, I can't wait for that to get animated. If they did an flawless job adaption the Noah's Circus Arc from the manga, who says that they won't top it with the Ship Voyage arc?

And speaking of rereading the Ship Voyage arc, I was kinda surprised at how Sebastian and Ciel have started to develop a mutual understanding/respect towards each other. I'm not saying that I have started to ship those two but rather understand why people do. (Partially because of something on Tumblr which basically repeated my opinion on the ship. I'll put the link so you can see the tumblr post.)

Well, that's kind of a random life rant. I might do more because I'm going to try something new with the rant book. We'll see if it works out. :D

Anyway, comment below and let me know if you are willing to see more rants like this? I do feel that its a bit generic but writing something down helps me lift the stress a bit. SAYONARA

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