News seems to spread like wildfire at the academy. By the time the weekend is over and we are starting to practice magic in our classes, almost the whole school has heard about how my parents died and how I miraculously survived. My Aunt's words play in my head from weeks earlier.

There are forces that we can't comprehend. Things that got Jonah and Emily killed.

Everything is starting to finally come together like a very complicated puzzle. My Aunt and Uncle's conversation, which I thought I was done dwelling on, has now come back, along with the memory of the figure outside my window. Could that have been a member of F.E.A.R. come to finish the job? But why wait 15 years?

Everyone seems to forget about my parents as the week comes to an end, they are all too focused on specializing. The first to specialize is a boy named Gabriel Johnson, who specializes in fire. I don't understand how the specializing really works. One minute you could do all the elements, and the next, only one. As the weeks pass we are allowed more freedom the more our magic is under control, and we are allowed to explore the castle grounds. Things start to feel as normal as possible, if kids standing at the edge of a cliff and controlling the water below counts as normal.

All the first years are specializing. Victoria is thrilled to share that she has specialized in Air, along with Tommy. Levi specializes in Fire, Cora in Water, and Sophia in Earth. By the time the middle of September nears, everyone has specialized. Everyone but me. Within the few weeks at Elementum Academy I have had three different titles. "One of them, "Girl who somehow survived", and now "The girl who has not specialized."

"Don't worry, it happens." Cora tells me at breakfast a few minutes before class.

Once you specialize whatever day your element class is not on is filled with different classes. For Cora it is Uses of Water, Water Defense, The History of Water that replace Earth, Air, and Fire. For the others it is the same except different days and elements. I, on the other hand, am still stuck in all the element classes.

"Yeah, and the people it happens to try and take over the world and end up dead." I reply, aggravated.

They pretend they understand my dilemma, but they have no clue how it feels to pass a crowd of people and have them all stare at you as if you were some exotic animal at the zoo.

"I meant sometimes it takes longer for others to specialize." Cora restates.

"Let's just hope it's that." I mutter.

The bell rings and we all stand, ready to depart. Today is Tuesday, so I am stuck in Air with Victoria and Tommy while the others go to their element classes. We make our way down the corridor, passing by a group of chattering third years who cease their conversation for a few seconds and glance at me. Once we have passed by they continue on in low voices.

I say bye to the others when I reach the second floor. I make my way to the class and sit in the very back as Professor Hernandez, a short, round woman with a cain, shuts the door and begins to call role. So far this class has been my least favorite. I like the element Air, but if it means being stuck in a class with Victoria and Professor Hernandez, who loves to criticize everyone, then I will pass.

"Hey Bella." Victoria says, sitting in the desk next to me.

Victoria has gone from slightly irritating to downright annoying. I am just too nice to tell her to shut up and go away.

"Hi." I reply, trying to not sound as aggravated as I feel. Not just with Victoria, but my powers and the way people think I don't notice the sideways glances when Professor Hernandez calls my name out for role.

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