Roller Coaster

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"I think we should ride that." Justin said pointing at the Mr.Freeze. I looked at him and shook my head.

Me and my best friend Justin were currently at Six Flags in Texas. We are on a class trip but we snuck away from the group to come here.

"Pwease Y/N! I'll take care of you." He said pouting. "Justin, that fucking ride takes you backwards fast as fuck then drops yo ass! Nigga I'm black! Why I wanna do some shit like that?" I said holding my hips.

"Because your white ass best friend is right here beside you." He said smiling like an idiot. I rolled my eyes an nodded.

"Okay fine. But if I cry I'm beating your ass and telling the teacher you kidnapped me." I said walking away. "What kinda white girl shit?" Justin said.

I started laughing and walked to the line. There were these girls in front of us. "She's really scared. Can you ride with her?" The girl said to Justin.

She was pointing at this girl who was biting her lip and twisting her hair. "Then who are you gonna ride with?" He asked.

"I'll ride with your fuckass bus partner." She said pointing at me. I looked at her like she was stupid.

"Bitch this is my boyfriend!" I said. I'm gonna regret this. I pulled Justin's shirt and wrapped my arms around his neck then kissed him. He shocked but kissed back fast.

I pulled away and looked at the girls. Their mouth was open wide as crap. "Uhm you're next. Go bitch!" I said shooing them with my hand.

They were 3 rows ahead of us. "Hmm wondering how I'm gonna hold this against you now." Justin said smirking.

"Don't tell anyONEEE!" I was cut off by the coaster taking off. It went fast as hell backwards up the track. When it got to the top it sat there for about a minute. "God let me survive." I whispered to myself.

It dropped us. "AHHHHH." I looked to right and seen Justin screaming like a girl. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even scream.

We finally got of the ride. "Now I got something on you too mister scream a lot." I said looking Justin and smirking. "Who is gonna believe you?" He said.

"Everyone nigga!" I said. "Yeah when they do tell me shawt." He said rubbing my head and walking away. I huffed and crossed my arms.

Nigga better not tell nobody.

~Monday Morning~

We got back to Y/S/N Saturday. Me and Justin came to school together. One day I'll drive, one day he will. Best friend shit.

"Don't tell anyone!" I whispered. He smirked at me. We walked and everyone was talking to their friends.

"HEY EVERYONE Y/N KISSED ME!" Justin yelled. Everyone looked at us. I covered my face and looked down. Some people awed, some of Justin's teammates oohed, and some cheerleaders said 'get it on'.

"Fuck you Justin! AND WHEN WE FUCKED YOU SCREAMED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!" I said and walked away smirking. People laughed then.

"Y/N! Stop lying! Wait up!" I heard Justin yelling. I just kept walking and laughing.

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