Chapter 7

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Okay, before I begin….

I really do hate to augur and maybe give some of the story away, but,

This chapter does have a rather disturbing (to some) event that some of you may find a little uncomfortable.

Only warning you!


“Okay, so, how do you know him?” I asked my grandmother, demandingly as I followed her through the door and into her small, quaint house.

I followed her into the kitchen as she tried to ignore me. I wasn’t having any of it though; I needed to know how they were acquainted with one another.

“Grandma? Answer me!” I shouted as I trailed behind her.

I sat myself up onto a stool by the breakfast bar and continued my defiance. She really could be stubborn sometimes – I think that she was where my father got it from.

“Would you like a coffee, honey?” she asked me, her New York accent made extremely evident as she did so.

“Grandma! No, I don’t want one. Why can’t you just answer me?” I pleaded. Right now, I was already depressed enough without her adding to it all.

In fact, ever since my dad’s affair was exposed, and they began arguing, I had been pretty depressed. Not even my friends could cheer me up that much.

But, even though they knew that I was different, they didn’t know why.

I was glad, in a way that I hadn’t been allowed to see them over the holidays – then my lies probably wouldn’t have stood with them.

“Here, drink this” she demanded, placing the cup of coffee down in front of me. She had clearly been ignoring me. I didn’t want one.

Pushing it aside, I began pressing her again, “HOW do you know him?”

She sighed and walked over to me, pulling out the other breakfast bar stool.

She sat down and folded her arms, frowning at me. “Charlotte? Haven’t you learned by now that prying gets you nowhere?” she questioned.

I knew that she was right, I had been the one that exposed my father after I grew suspicious. Then, one day, I got onto his voicemail.

I was devastated to find a voicemail off a number saved as “Sarah” in his phone.

I had no idea who she was, so I listened to it. And it was his girlfriend, saying about how she was pregnant and needed to talk to him.

Then, I hid his phone. Later on whilst my parents were having a cocktail party, I shushed the guests and played the voicemail for them all to hear. I felt so proud of myself – if that makes any sense. He had made such a fool of my mother and taken her for granted, stabbing her in the back. So I did that to him.

They were stunned, my mom ran out of the room crying, and my dad left for days. When he did come back, he was so angry with me and he still hasn’t forgiven me.

To be honest, Joshua and my mom haven’t really either. Or my grandparents. Well, everyone really.

I felt so isolated.

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